Interview – Matt chats with Ian Moss from Cold Chisel

-By Matthew Picken

660s Ian Moss


Good Morning Ian

Hi Matthew

Cold Chisel has gotten back together a few times over the years, what’s it like this time with the current line up?

It’s been great with Charley Drayton, as I’m assuming your referring to the unfortunate passing of Steve Prestwich on drums. Charlie is great and it has been really good working with him, I think we made a great choice. It’s quite different working with Charlie, though he really suits Cold Chisel, down to a T. It’s very comfortable, we could have found a drummer a lot like Steve and everyone would have just been like “you’re not as good or whatever..” but with Charlie it’s like a whole new band, a different band, and I could imagine even Steve approving of that himself.

Has there been a lot of time spent in the rehearsal studios getting the music back to where it once was or to a place where everyone is happy with it?

Yeah, we tend to do that anyway regardless. As we really like to rehearse big time, we put a lot of effort into it. We work hard and are very strict as we are our own watchdogs, our own policemen. Like with Barnesy being a more obvious, overly pushy type of guy, but quietly in the background, there are others in the band that are pretty good at it themselves. Our biggest fear is that there are people who say or feel that we are over the hill, give them a miss or they should have quit when they where ahead kind of thing and so far because we have been such good, harsh policemen on our selves that has not happened, we have had more and more people say that we are getting better and better. So that’s what we aim to achieve, and we do that by rehearsing long and hard, no matter how well we know our stuff, we fine tune that set so we can do it in our sleep.

13 one night stands in 3 months sounds like a lot of fun, what should fans expect from this tour?

Certainly a lot of power and energy is a given and we have a new album that won’t be out until around September this year, so we would like to be representing that album as much as we can, but because we have such a vast catalogue the choices are a bit harder. We do spend a lot of time agonising over exactly what we are going to play to keep the people happy yet keep the band moving forward, but we have whittled it down to about 14 songs that if we didn’t play we would not get out alive, so that only leaves room for about another five/six/seven odd songs in a night. We want to split that between getting some new songs off the new album and picking out some of the older catalogue. We have canvased and listened to the fans thought’s and feelings to see what songs they are keen to hear outside that top 14 and there is two or three beauties in there, songs like “One Long Day” a song off our first album that is such an epic and great song that hasn’t been trotted out in such a long time in its entirety which at his stage of the game should make the grade on the day for this up coming tour.

f83416d18af7ba70eac3ce884f48b372What would you say to the newer fans, the younger generation who have never had the opportunity see Cold Chisel play live before?

Hey, give it a shot, come see us. See if we measure up, I’m betting that we will. We have the players, the power and the songs.

From the entire Cold Chisel catalogue what is your personal favourite song to play live?

(Laughs) “One Long Day”

What brought about the One Night Stand tour?

Well, it’s been 4 years since Light the Nitro, the last big tour and it felt a little bit overdue. It just feels like the time is right. With enough time and space you build up an expectation, need or want and with the new album, which unfortunately doesn’t have a title yet and we are still deciding on the final tracks, we are really keen to get that out and you don’t want too much time between appearance’s and albums so its just really important to get that out there and support it, you know? Get into peoples faces to the point where they are just like “get out of our faces you bastards.”

So what is the next big thing for Cold Chisel after the album release and One Night Stand Tour?

Hmm. After the tour, we’re not even thinking that far ahead. We have so many good songs for this album we don’t want to cram them all in as with CD’s you can fit so many songs, but we are just finding people where getting a little bit carried away with that so we are thinking 11 maybe max 12 songs, as if you put too many on there, there is too much for people to listen too and nothing ever sticks. Just if you limit that number and they’re all great songs then there is a chance that all are going to stick. This means we are left with almost another album ready to go mixed and everything apart from two or three tracks that may need some overdubbing, we have another album ready to go that we don’t have to slave over the writing recording mixing etc. So it won’t be that long till we follow up with at least another album and then we will see how the public feel about another Cold Chisel tour .

That all sound’s great! With this tour some of the venues are already selling out and others are selling fast, I’m sure it will not be too long until the second tour. With the album being left to 11 to 12 songs it will make it possible for a vinyl release to go along with the new complete back catalogue vinyl box set for all us vinyl fans.

Yeah, that’s going gang busters being such a great product.

Well, I would like a set.

Ha ha. Well I only have the one box set and haven’t even listened to it yet as I don’t have a turntable.

Well it has been great chatting to you and I hope you have an enjoyable stay when you come here to Perth and your whole tour goes well for you all.

Perth, I’m really looking forward to playing the new Perth Arena for the first time as I’m hearing great reports that it’s a wonderful venue to play. Where some people may say we prefer to have the old dome back LOL just kidding worst venues ever invented the domes.

Yes, the acoustics in domes were never good.

I think that’s putting it rather mildly, I don’t know what they were thinking, but really looking forward to the new arena on November 14th and the show after that will be at hanging rock also another first for us.

Thanks for your time today Ian

No thank you Matthew


Photo Credit: Cold Chisel 

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