Interview: Little Sky

Little Skye

Colosoul were lucky enough to catch a chat with Ashby Ranson, India Ranson, James McMerrin, Tyler Mitchie, Samuel Gibson of perth band Little Skye at their EP fundraiser at Ya Ya’s, here’s how it went down:

How Did Little Sky Start Out?

India Ranson: I have been gigging around since I was a teeny bopper then I started to get confident enough in my own songs to play start playing them live, so I did that solo for a really long time That wasn’t me I wanted to be in a cool rock band so I got together my very close talented friends and family, made a band and now we’re little skye; Its everyones band.

Your Band In 3 Words?

James: How did we do this last time?

India: Quiet Loud and Middle,

James: or dynamic

Who Are Your Influences?

Ashby: It Ranges from everybody

India: should we just do two each.

James: deer hunter and thrice.

Tyler: I’d have to say deer hunter as well and then… something along the lines of Ash or Yuck.

Samuel:As far as this band like I think dead weather/radio head.

IndiaI’ll have to agree with dead weather and Macnhester Orchestra.

How are the songs written?

James: Ashby writes a song and we all learn it and make it big

Ashby: Its a bit more than that though I kinda come up with  an essential kinda song but as everyone adds their bits in it changes from what it was intended to be originally and it becomes an entirely different thing at the end of it because as you’ve heard everyones influences are so diverse

India: We do have the song we’re in the middle of at the moment and thats been really collaborative as opposed to the other ones

How Would You Guys Waste 10k?

Tyler: Drugs.

India: Yeah Drugs

Samual: I’d say pedals and Gear

Ashby: Drugs

James: Its a code. Drugs and Gear

Anything you want to add

James: listen our band. I think we’re quite good.

There you have it; Little Skye.

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