Interview: Dallas Royal


Dallas Royal, comprised of four guys hailing from the popular West Australian town of Dunsborough, has played shows across WA over the past 5 years. The group are playing at this year’s Lights Out Arts Festival on March 29th. Music writer Tom Munday caught up with the group before the event.


How did the band come together?

All members of the band, current and past have all been good friends of ours, as initially we started playing together for a bit of fun. As our skill as a band started to progress we had the desire to start achieving something bigger and better. Just for the pure love of playing music with your mates!!


How did the group find it’s signature sound?

From when we started our “signature sound” has been a roller coaster! Starting from bluesy surf rock and progressing to the grungy fast paced stuff were doing now. We don’t really sit down and say “HEY let’s all write a song like Queens of the stone age”, it’s more of an organic process where we jam and try and find something that has the energy were looking for. It has to FEEL massive.


What have been the highlights and lowlights of your touring experience?

The highlights in our bands past have definitely been playing Park Life and Groovin’ the Moo, getting the opportunity to experience something like that with your friends is pretty amazing! Also one of our favourite recent shows was at Players Bar in Mandurah, with our bro’s Dune Rats and Indigo. Shit got real.

As for lowlights, obviously having lost 3 members for various reasons is never easy and definitely puts the pressure on, but we’ve found that every time something like that has gone down, we take it in to our advantage and make sure we move forward as soon as possible! (fingers crossed the boys all stay this time hahaha)


Why is Perth such an opportunistic place for popular musicians?

Good question! I feel location has something to do with it, Perth having it’s “one of the most isolated cities in the world” thing, I think musicians want to reach out and play their music to as many people as they can regardless of if it costs a bit more to get there… I know that’s how we see it. Plus Perth crowds are epic!


What will you bring to this year’s Lights Out Arts Festival? 

Importance! Some fat-ass rock tunes! Something to get loose to and jump around with your mates! We love seeing people having fun when we play, at the end of the day thats what it’s all about for us. Making people happy with the tunes we write, while sitting at home getting sweaty.

Festivals like LOAF are awesome, they give the up and coming talented musicians an opportunity to reach an audience that might not always be able to come to shows, being able to connect to people who may have NEVER heard of you before. They open doors, and create an awesome network of likeminded people!

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