Interview: Bedouin Sea


Thanks to a keen-eyed sense of optimism and lively sense of humour, local rock group Bedouin Sea, headed up by brothers Alex and Ross Conradie, is exactly where it wants to be right now. Fortunately, the group enjoys being spontaneous and efficient when it comes to songwriting, touring, and future endeavours. Releasing a self-titled EP, touring with Matt Corby, and hitting up Perth’s most popular music venues, the group is soaring to the top of Perth’s underground music scene. In addition, the group will be a part of this month’s Lights Out Arts Festival. Music Writer Tom Munday caught up with the group to chat about their rapid ascension, Perth’s music scene, and LOAF.

How did the band come together?

gravitational forces combined with an alarmingly large amount of duct tape…


How did the band form its signature sound?

I don’t think we have really fleshed out a signature sound yet. We’ve never sat down as a band and decided: “ok guys, this is the style of music we are going to play”. We just get together, start jamming, someone might have an idea or two, and we take it from there. Some of our songs could be labelled as folk rock, others as indie pop, maybe even a moody ballad or two. Its really whatever we feel like playing at the time.

You’ve been on an immense two-year journey, how have your experiences influenced your music?

Our music has definitely been influenced heavily by our own personal experiences and our combined experiences as a band over the last two years. They’ve not only helped us to grow as individuals but also solidified us as a group. Spending that much time with anyone, you’ve got to learn how to work together; find out what makes each other tick. The vast amount of good music and great people we have been exposed to has also heavily influenced how we play, and our outlook on what we are trying to achieve as a band.


You are touring extensively around Australia and the world. How do Perth crowds compare to those of other places?

It could just be due to the fact that Perth is so isolated from everything and so not as many bands pass through this way as other parts of Australia, but we’ve always found Perth to have some of the most supportive and welcoming crowds anywhere. There is a real community atmosphere in the local music scene, not just between the good people who give up their time and money to support local artists, but also between the bands themselves. Everyone helps everyone out, and its awesome.


What have been your tour highlights and lowlights so far?

Some of the highlights would definitely be the beaches of Byron bay (take us back there, any day) and busking for a meal or two and a roof over our heads.

Lowlights – the aftermath of drinking games.

What will you bring to this year’s LOAF? How do events like these help Perth’s music scene?

We love the idea of LOAF and the fact that it brings so many great bands under the same roof for a good cause. The event also allows people who have come down to listen to one band they like to be exposed to others they might not have heard before, so again everyone is helping everyone out. As far as what we are going to bring to the event this year, lets just say it will include high tech special effects, trained circus animals and a Christopher Walken impersonator (we kid, we don’t have that kind of budget).

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