Interview: Allira

Allira, from early age, knew where her life was headed. Coming from a musical background, her influences and determination pushed her onto the stage. DJing full time within the Perth music scene, her success stems from raw ambition. Covering this month’s Lights Out Arts Festival, music writer Tom Munday chatted to Allira about her trials and triumphs as a renowned DJ.


What inspired you to become a DJ?

I have always been interested in a wide variety of music from a young age, as I was brought up around a big family who listened to a lot of Pop, Reggae, Rock, Rap / Hip Hop and Electronica and throughout my childhood I would make a lot of my own mix tapes as well. When I finished high school I decided to pursue DJing as a hobby and signed up for beginner classes.

How did you find your signature sound?

I got into into trance in high school after hearing songs from artists such as Tiesto, Tomcraft and Kai Tracid just to name a few and from there I started researching and listening to other forms of Electronica. My signature sound at the moment can very depending on what kind of set I am playing but I generally love to play anything from Techno, Tech house and Minimal.


Why is Perth such an opportunistic place for popular musicians and DJs?

I think that in the last few years Perth has been fortunate enough to be exposed to different genres of music through the growing number of music festivals that have come to our city. Music festivals are a platform for people to further develop their interests in different genres of music and will pave the way for alternative genres to be further integrated into the Perth music scene.


What will you bring to the lights Out Arts Festival? How important are these events to Perth’s music scene?

As a DJ it is important to try and read the crowd you are playing to, so I try to include popular music to get the vibe going. But, I also like to mix my style of music and hopefully introduce people to something different.

I think that these events are important in Perth’s music scene so it can highlight what kind of music genres are currently out there and to allow people to bring their own style and give them experience in the scene.

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