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On Easter Sunday, RTR fm’s In the pines celebrated its 21st year. I’m ¬†nearly ashamed to admit it, but this was the first time I had experienced live music at the Somerville auditorium, though I know for sure, after my trip In the pines, that Perth is producing a lot of incredible music that proud Perthians need to hear more of!! I’d recognised names of only five acts out of the 20 that played on Sunday, (dismal, yes.) I’m not sure if Perth bands are mysteriously obscure or if I’m living under a rock that doesn’t roll, possibly a bit of both though events like this and the radio stations that support them such as RTR, are crusaders for helping to expose and endorse local music. It’s not all about what you can sing along to, but having a damned good time, a shin-dig if you will and perhaps discovering something new.

Gig goers entered into an intimate clearing surrounded by tall, pine trees creating an acoustics-friendly environment. The indie sounds, various food and drink stalls, a man handing out free lollipops, picnic rugs on the dirt “forest” floor equaled the epitome of Autumn . The laid back vibes suited me just fine and on any other day I would have joined the crowd in downing a beer or two.

runner flower drums

Local 5 piece The community chest cranked out some easy-listening synth-rock with female and male vocalists striking a sweet balance in harmony. I’m sure those who happened to score a comfortable possie on the ground would have been rocked into a hazey state of garage-groove bliss.

The name Flower drums hints at a band that creates dreamy melodies with a 70’s sensibility, at least that’s what I pick up. The soft vocals and experimental guitar in this ambient arrangement had me hooked! The four piece play like they’d be at home performing at most kinds of music festivals, almost a shoe-gaze feel except they weren’t wearing shoes. Their psyche-pop lusciousness added to the warm atmosphere.

Runner looked like a band that really enjoy themselves on stage. I couldn’t help but be reminded slightly of Death cab for cutie, which, to my ears, is a good thing. Though the Perth boys pleasantly moody sound-scape and refined vocals tend to be more suited to my taste. Beautifully written lyrics, a band I’ll be listening to more of.

Kyra Shennan

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