Illy + Jackie Onassis + Remi @ Amplifier/Capitol

1965567_10151948306936361_970997365_oFriday, March 21st saw Capitol bursting at the seams with people eager to see Melbourne’s hip-hop act Illy supported by Remi and Jackie Onassis.

The first act of the night was Remi. The room was really busy from the get go, and all were clearly pumped for the opening act. He put on a good show; his style was honest and was well received by the masses.

The following act was Sydney hip-hop duo Jackie Onassis. They succeeded in getting the crowd “jump jump jumping” and their stage presences are phenomenally more impressive than anything they have recorded. The energy inside the venue was overpowering, from the second they came onto the stage up until they finished their last song.

Jackie Onassis performed their popular numbers including  ‘Smoke Trails’, ‘Crystal Balling’ and, ‘Said and Done’. The boys also played a track from their new EP ‘Juliette’. He asked what the audience: “thought of the new shit, man” – the crowd roared, wooed, and kept on dancing.

Although, musically, the boys are talented, their stage commentary has some ways to go.  In saying that, they finished off with a bang, dividing the room and having the crowds yell the words ‘Party’ and ‘Bullsh*t’. The Sydney duo put on a great show, and impacted greatly in setting the all-round fantastic mood for the evening’s third and final act – Melbourne-based rapper Illy.

By the time Illy came onto the scene, the people were having a great time listening to the mix of songs he had mashed together, including the ever so popular Kanye Jay-Z collaboration of ‘Nigg*s in Paris’. That song is capable of making the most bashful types shimmy a little from the hips. Excitement filled the air, it probably pinnacled when Illy sampled Australian hip-hop artists Hilltop Hoods with their popular song ‘Nosebleed Section’, and the real icing on the cake was Drapht’s ‘Jimmy Recard’.

The audience lapped it up and roared with glee once the set was over. He continued on with his own songs from his album ‘Cinematic’. There was a personalised ‘Illy’ drum kit on the stage, Illy announces that he would be: “playing the whole album start to finish, including the old sh*t”.

1375088_10151948305961361_2122253346_nThe set list of the night included ‘On & On’, ‘Young Bloods’, ‘Diamonds’, and his older tracks.  The people went off when he played ‘Cigarettes’. Illy played another Aussie mash up featuring artists such as INXS and Paul Kelly. Minds were indeed lost at this point.

The true highlight of Illy’s set was when Perth artist Drapht made an appearance for their collaboration ‘Yo Yo’. The audience was jumping around so much, it was almost impossible to see what was happening on the stage.

There was a glitch with the lighting as the show drew to a close, the audience responded by turning on the lights of their phones, it was quite beautiful to see, possibly better than the professional lighting.

Illy finished his set with ‘More than Gold’ and the lights came back on for this one. He leaves the crowd ravenous for an encore, which was delivered with his “last song”. This turned into three songs, closing with ‘Tight Rope’ and album-titled ‘Cinematic’. The other performers joined Illy on the stage to close the act with a bang.

Overall the night was a well-rounded killer set of live music acts. Thank you to the wonderful crowd who also contributed to the experience.

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