Hozier at the Belvior Amphitheatre Swan Valley

 -by Carla Avendano

Set in the beautifully lit Belvior Amphitheatre Hozier accompanied by the band set to the stage, as the crowd cheered and the noise rose up towards the night sky through the open air we were about to experience a what was a very well preformed and utterly wonderful concert.

Opening up the nights show English musician David Rhodes gave a powerful performance singing likes of “Close Your Eyes” and “Breath”. The audience’s vibe throughout his performance was relaxed and chilled, there was definitely a great vibe flowing through the cascading steps of the amphitheatre. The well lit stage added to the atmosphere it couldn’t have been a better start to Hozier’s Australian Tour.

As soon as he  hit the stage alongside the band and vocalists, the crowd cheered and welcomed the very humble and thankful12182453_10153209965481361_7284198447491124334_o Andrew Hozier-Burn who was very happy to be in Perth performing for his first time in W.A. Setting things off with “Like Real People Do” the welcome was tremendous having a vast majority of Irish fans in the crowd for sure, alongside his amazing voice were great lighting features, radiating flowers and swirls as he pumped up the crowd with “Angel of Small Death” and “The Codeine Scene” which just added to what a spectacular show this was turning out to be.

Things really got swinging when “Someone New” was performed you couldn’t help but sing along to this fun number, a cover of The Beatles “Blackbird” was a real treat as the as crowd sang along you could tell they were enjoying themselves. Delivering a beautifully preformed duet with vocalist Karen Cowley “In A Week” gave a bit of an insight of what a little town called Witlow was about. Bringing the show back up with “Arsonist Lullaby” and finally performing the one smashing hit that I’m sure everyone couldn’t wait to hear “Take Me to Church”. Needless to say the atmosphere was surreal such a powerful song in this beautiful setting was unforgettable. The audience raved for more after Hozier left the stage an encore was in pursuit from the crowd.

 Not even letting them down, Hozier returned to stage at the fans demands for the encore and even did a cover of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”, I’m almost certain the fans enjoyed his version a little better than the original. A great show by a brilliant musician, couldn’t have asked for a better night. Hozier clearly welcomed back to Perth anytime.


Photo Credit: David Cox

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