Hot Dub Time Machine

– by Brittany Garbutt

As the name of the event may have let off, the night started out somewhere in the 60’s and landed right back here in 2015 – and my god, if every member of that audience did not lose half their body weight in sweat and damage at least the majority of their vocal cords, I would be very, very surprised.

This gig was all about the ride, not the destination, and Tom Loud was certainly the guy to take us there. For someone who’s not really into dub and dance, it turns out I am more than down for a bit of a boogie – and apparently so was everyone else. Between flinging my limbs around and belting out tunes all night long, I had a darn good time! I also lay no claim to being a great dancer, but man, I have never seen so many bad dance moves and such a hardcore mosh pit where Britney spears was involved. However, I would not have had it any other way! All in all Hot Dub is probably the coolest dub infused DJ set in town, all thanks to well known Sydney DJ, Tom Loud, AKA – the fellow behind the decks.

As a front man, who spends most of time behind things, Tom was pretty darn entertaining. At one point even throwing himself onto the floor and over to the crowd busting out some of the worst-best dances moves ever to be witnessed by a crowd of 20-something year old club-goers. Tom did a spectacular job of getting things going and keeping them there, the whole way through.

In addition to all the other fun stuff happening on stage, there was also a good amount of my favorite dance time entertainment – perfectly timed confetti blasts. However, in giving Tom a whole load of credit for creating an all round fun time, I must mention, that he was totally not alone. The whole journey was aided by a multimedia display projected behind him, which included a sort of time machine attendant if you will, who guided everyone through the years, threw up a few karaoke lyrics and played a few groovy clips supporting the whole time machine experience.

As far as the set list goes I had no complaints, mostly because apparently I knew every single word to every single song and so did everyone else! Something about a crowd filled with happy drunk people singing in unison really makes everything better!

All in all, I gave the gig a solid 8 outta 10 – A totally good time with totally good tunes and an all round dance extravaganza. Couldn’t really go wrong, really. If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, I would more than recommend getting your ass down to a Hot Dub Time Machine Gig!


Photo Credit: Hot Dub Time Machine

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