Hot Coffee Hot Spots: Perth Café Havens

by Sophie James

www-ventura-homesWhen I was thinking about this article, the first café that popped into my head was Yelo in Trigg; I went there on a beautiful Perth day where I sat on the front terrace with the view of the bright blue ocean. After indulging myself I then went for a walk along the red path which made me enjoy the café even more, because you can eat and then go for a walk to think you’re walking away those calories. I had an amazing healthy smoothie there and a vegetarian quiche which filled me up nicely without leaving me bloated.

Café Elixir in Wanneroo is another great food and drink establishment to go and check out. I had their birthday cake milkshake and it was a child living in an adult body’s dream, leaving a magical flavour within my taste buds. With sprinkles all around the side on the drink, it was honestly heaven. I also had their Texan Parma, and if you’re a chicken parmigiana lover like myself, then you know it’s hard to find a good one. This one was so nice and lived up to my expectations.

perthmunchkin-comMary Street Bakery is located in Highgate on Beaufort Street, a good bakery for different needs such as your sweet tooth or your cheat day full of carbs. Of course I got the doughnuts with a coffee and it was perfect, as many people would agree. Although it can get busy at times, what do you really expect from a popular café place in the city? I would definitely advise going there and getting a doughnut for the trip back home.

Mrs S is a café situated in Maylands and Highgate; with great décor and a cosy environment you can see why it is so successful. It’s great if you want something simple for breakfast, or to have something more extensive. The staff are just as amazing as the food; they are friendly and quick, which is also great when you’re hungry.

In Northbridge lies the café Tuck Shop which is famous for their delicious homemade pies. Their service is fantastic, their menu caters for many needs, and if you are looking for a place with good coffee, you’ve found it. It’s an enjoyable place to eat with good décor and a good place to become a regular.

Image: theurbanlist.com

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