Hidden Delight on Lake Street

– by Tom Munday

Northbridge’s Little Bird Café, located on Lake St a short distance from the Piazza, is one of the bustling suburb’s most invigorating and unique establishments. The lunchtime rush, instead of driving its valuable employees into chaos, pushed everyone to exceed expectations and deliver the best any CBD-adjacent coffee house could offer. The barista and wait-staff’s bright smiles and careful hands ensured a welcoming experience and pleasant distraction from worker-bee blues. Each employee’s pleasant mood and attentive attention to detail kept this Little Bird flying smoothly.


The menu offers an eclectic and precise array of organic, feel-good meals. Head chef Joel Camp stands fittingly behind his careful and concise dish selection. His philosophy – creating fresh food thanks to proud Western Australian growers – builds upon the café’s significant reputation. The Rosewater and Pistachio Bircher was a charming concoction of varying textures and flavours. The fusion of almond milk, julienne apple, and crunchy muesli made for a refreshing Sunday-morning meal. The Garlic & Thyme Macerated Mushrooms – with cashew-based spirulina blue cheese – delivered a mouth-watering assault of tantalizing peaks. The chilled, acidic mushrooms combine effervescently with the blue cheese swath. The fajita – featuring cumin and coriander seasoned steak, Spanish rice, and friend egg – was a standout dish. The spice-rubbed meat gracefully fuses with the fluffy rice and golden yolk.


The cafe’s Instagram-friendly décor and expansive dining space heighten everyone’s mood instantly. The bright, summery vibe extends through the entrance through to the alluring, sun-drenched outdoor area. The uber-charismatic, hark-working baristas strive to make each cup more invigorating than the last. Each coffee’s thick, creamy froth succinctly accentuates the rich, gut-punch-like caffeine burst. The mocha, injected with a thick chocolate layer before given a light cocoa dusting, is definitely worth the Bridge’s heavy transport/parking costs.

ADDRESS: 100 Lake Street, Northbridge WA 6003


PHONE: (08) 9228 2483

HOURS: Monday-Friday (8am-3pm), Saturday & Sunday (8am-4pm)

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