Hey Geronimo, Braves & King’s Justice @ Jack Rabbit Slim’s

– by Michelle Yeong

The start of 2015 seemed like a gloomy time for local music, with live venues such as Ya-Yas, The Bakery and Deville’s Pad closing down. However, like a classic horror movie, we all know it’s not over until the masked murderer is stabbed, and shot at a couple of times.

Just last week a new local venue, Jack Rabbit Slim’s, launched into the scene, increasing my confidence towards the future of live music venues. And only in it’s second week there was a stellar lineup including Hey Geronimo, Braves & King’s Justice.

Just as local indie kings King’s Justice kicked into their set, two strange men (not sure if they were friends with the band) started pulling people onto the dancefloor. As strange as these men were, their intentions were good, as they wanted everyone dancing to the catchy-as-hell indie-pop tunes. Though, encouragement wasn’t necessary, because a few seconds into the quartet’s first song already had me bopping and in no time knee bending. What I liked about their set was the residual feel-good vibes experienced after each song; similar to the feeling you get when you take a look at your bank balance after you’ve just been paid. Tracks like “It’s You” and “Full Steam Ahead” demonstrated the bands ability to write clever addictive songs and their sneaky cover of The Cure’s “Close To Me” left a lasting impression.

Braves stole the stage shortly after and captivated the crowd with their brand of surfy heartbreak-pop. After attending a few Braves shows myself, I’ve noticed that they always involve a fun, upbeat affair that makes you feel better about spending ten dollars on an alcoholic beverage. The four-piece have become somewhat of a household name across the indie community and it’s easy to see why. Braves have somehow created their own genre in between classic 60s pop songs and fast-paced garage tunes, watching their set was enjoyable and they’ve convinced me that the beach is a scary place. Towards the end of their set the local legends confidently performed their two new tracks “Dropout” and “Get It Right” which added a cool 90’s skate vibe to their repertoire of lo-fi tracks and gave us a taste of what’s to come from their new EP.

At this point, the crowd was buzzing with excitement, not just from gaining a high pinball score or eating the delicious fries, but also from experiencing some of the best music in Perth. This set the scene perfectly for Brisbane indie-pop outfit Hey Geronimo. As the band picked up their instruments, all eyes were on bassist Bill Bingley’s shirt, which had a nice collection of Ryan Gosling’s face on it. Girls were certainly swooning. The sunny Brissy quartet provided the crowd with catchy tunes that encouraged sing-alongs and fist pumping. This was especially the case when the band performed classic bangers “Carbon Affair” and “Lazer Gun Show.”

Each song had it’s own distinct cheerful melody blended with surf-heavy guitar riffs, making you feel as though you were at a beach party in Kokomo. And it seems writing relatable lyrics for Hey Geronimo comes pretty easy – “I Got No Money” and “Why Don’t We Do Something” speak for themselves. During their set, at least fifty percent of my Coke & Malibu spilled to the ground as I tried to move around in time with the music and with everyone else. Even though I was sad to see my drink go, nevertheless, I wasn’t mad about it – the music was just too optimistic for that. The set finished up nicely with a funky cover of Talking Head’s “Burning Down The House” and the crowd was left with all round good vibes.
Hey Geronimo have defied the indie-pop genre and are currently working on a full length album set to be released later this year.


Jack Rabbit Slim now open for business.

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