He’s driving us WILD: Troye Sivan’s Concert Review

-by Ocean Trimboli

For many young people, making it big on Youtube and in the music industry is just a dream, but for 20 year old Perth singer/songwriter, Troye Sivan this is his reality. Throwback to 2015, Sivan made global headlines with the release of his second EP album WILD, and debut album Blue Neighborhood. Performing his first ever Australian show on Monday night at the Astor Theatre, devoted fans were camped outside since 10am the day before.12496465_780497118720974_6908646582035624499_o

The much anticipated show finally arrived for the eager crowd of fans who had been waiting for months – Sivan had post-phoned his initial Perth show in November last year due to illness. Squeezed into a mosh pit of 1000+ crowd, you’d get the idea that this Perth kid is a bit of a big deal.

Sivan’s younger brother, Tyde Levi opened the show with style, stirring the crowd to life with an upbeat, rhythmic DJ set. He succeeded to enthuse the audience with a pumping techno remix of Adele and the likes of other pop artists.

As the clock hit 8:30, the crowd began to chant his name. Right on cue, the one and only Troye Sivan graced the stage, welcomed by the screams of a crowd gone wild. Sivan opened with his slow, ambient tracks ‘BITE’ and ‘FOOLS’. The crowd was immediately hooked, singing along to every lyric.

Before getting into his tell-all, candid song ‘COOL’, he addressed the crowd, “Believe me, this is one of the most surreal moments of my life… I know like every second face in this room, it’s just one big family show!” If he didn’t already have them in the palm of his hand, he did now as screams echoed throughout the theatre. At this point, it wasn’t just his soft, melodic voice that had won over the crowd; Sivan instantly captivated the audience with his powerful stage presence.

Easing into lyrically hypnotic ‘DKLA’, Sivan got everyone grooving along to his dreamy electro pop. He continued to command the stage with his deeply emotional set of ‘EASE,’ ‘‘TALK ME DOWN’ and ‘SURBURBIA’. When singing about his hometown in ‘SURBURBIA’, fans held up “Welcome Home Troye” signs. Sivan was in complete awe of it all and couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

12466147_780498432054176_8690070189273522489_oDuring his performance, Sivan appeared very comfortable and confident. He presented himself with poise and maturity, but also was lighthearted and fun. Sivan had a strong connection with his audience, regularly making direct eye contact with his fans and reaching out to touch hands, literally driving them wild.

WILD,’ Sivan’s lead single on his EP, was no doubt a crowd favorite and the loudest, most enthusiastic sing-along of the night. It was a rhythmic collaboration between Sivan and his audience, the crowd belting out the “Wild, wild, hey!.” line. Giving off the impression this was his last song; he expressed his gratitude to everyone for coming out and bounced off stage with a cheeky grin.

It wasn’t long before the shouts for an encore lured Sivan back, and he admitted he had two songs left to perform. Sivan treated us to an acoustic version of ‘Happy Little Pill,’ his critically acclaimed single from his first EP album. With the night coming to a close, Sivan ended on a high note with everyone jamming along to his popular tune, ‘YOUTH’.

Troye Sivan, delivering way beyond the mark with his show, proved to be an example of genuine, authentic music talent. Not just another generic pop star, this Perth boy is creating his own unique sound and getting recognized because of it. Forget concert halls, he will soon be selling out arenas.

Photo Credit: Alap Dave

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