Healthway Lights Out Festival Series: Kučka

– by Tobyn Fitch-Rabbitt

Avant-pop act, Kučka, have been enjoying a great deal of success recently. After picking up three WAMi’s in 2014, last weekend they scored WAM Song of the Year for the irrepressibly smooth synth pop that is ‘Unconditional’. With their second EP due out in May and a national tour to follow, 2015 is looking like the year Kučka will properly break out into the Australian scene.

Beginning as a solo project by Laura Jane Lowther, and later adding Injured Ninja’s Jake Steele and Katie Campbell (aka Catlips) to complete the line-up, Kučka are headlining this year’s Healthway Lights Out Arts Festival. On Kučka’s artistic origin, Lowther says ‘when I was 18 I dropped out of uni, I realised that I could (and should) do whatever I wanted to do, rather than what was ‘expected’ of me.’ It’s this fresh, chill approach to life that characterises Kučka’s sound, which could only be described as, ‘greek yoghurt + berry smoothie with passionfruit pulp.’

A regular participant in switching off power for Earth Hour, Lowther enjoys spending her lights out hour chilling out, choosing to ‘maybe sit outside with a glass of wine.’ Earth Hour exists to promote a message of sustainability and awareness about Climate Change, and its possible impacts for generations to come.

‘I think technology will be amazing,’ say Lowther, optimistic about the future of our planet and its environment, ‘scientists will have found a way to allow humans to develop technology further, whilst lowering the environmental impact.’

Getting less serious now, if Kučka were a dinosaur, what would they be? ‘A Pterodactyl, because I want to fly in this alternate reality.’


  • Live music venues The Bird, Belvoir, Devilles (rip)
  • Artists you’re listening to at the moment:Call Super, Cheval, Egyptrixx
  • Places to go on a day trip: ice-skating, beach, hiking.


  • Song when you’re feeling down:’The Mountain’ PJ Harvey
  • Happy song: ‘Hollywood Freaks’ Beck
  • Guilty pleasure: ‘Boys’Britney Spears
  • Song that makes you dance: ‘Block Party’ – Lisa Left eye Lopes(also guilty pleasure)
  • Karaoke favourite – ‘Be my Baby’ The Ronettes
  • Power anthem – ‘The Message’ Grandmaster Flash
  • Song that brings back childhood memories ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ Whitney Houston
  • A song of your own that you have the most fun playing: ‘Recovery’

To listen to this mixtape and more, look up ‘Kucka Mixtape’ on the colosoulmusic Spotify.

Kučka are playing alongside a variety of other super talented Perth musos at our Healthway Lights Out Art Festival this Saturday 28 March. A creative music event in support of Earth Hour, Healthway Lights Out Art Festival will showcase an array of local talent in music, art, and fashion. Check out the Facebook event here.

Photo Credit: Kučka facebook page


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