Healthway Lights Out Art Festival Series: Silver Hills

– by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Sleepy shoegaze band, Silver Hills, with their ethereal dreamy pop sound formed in 2011, immersing themselves within the Perth music scene in 2013. The band’s busy schedule these past few years has earned them recognition within the industry and a lot of local love from fellow groovers and movers. Late last year Silver Hills released their first EP Plasticine Daydream a wistful mix of ‘80s influenced guitar riffs, resonant vocals and an atmospheric soundscape that inspires wanderlust within us.

The band will be bringing their sounds developed under suburban skies to Healthway Lights Out Arts Festival this Saturday, where Colosoul will be showing its support for the environmental initiative, Earth Hour. In anticipation of their performance, we chatted with Seb D’Alonzo, Silver Hills keyboardist to delve deep and get to know a little bit about him.

The keyboardist’s musical inclination developed from a young age, ‘I picked up a guitar when I was about 12 after a friend of mine was learning and would come over super excited about playing Nirvana songs.’ A little praise went a long way for Seb, ‘my guitar tutor was really encouraging which made me feel like I was not bad at this and could do it.’ Purchasing a synth led to the formation of Silver Hills.

Colosoul have partnered with many wonderful acts in the past, prompting Silver Hills to get on board for the festival. ‘(We) saw photos of Mt Mountain playing at Lights Out a few years ago: sold,’ said Seb. The environmentally friendly dudes also had a few pieces of advice to offer readers, ‘say ‘no thanks’ when the checkout chick asks if you’d like a bag. Recycle. Plant trees.’ When it comes to making the greatest impact, however, D’Alonzo believes it’s the big businesses that should be leading the way, ‘…(they) are the ones who need to make changes to help save it.’

Having been in the Perth scene for a few years, we asked the band what their favourite gig experience was. ‘Love the Perth music scene simply because you can always find a killer local gig every week. Highlight for us has gotta be jumping up with the Electric Toad and making a racket,’ Seb eagerly responded. Silver Hills also don’t shy away from a bit of crowd involvement ‘I always like to encourage anyone from the crowd to jump up and start singing harmonies and start dancing.’

Stuck for things to do this Saturday? Why not join in on Silver Hills’ vibe this weekend and head over to Fremantle Town Hall for the 28th. With an array of exciting fashion, food, creative stalls and local Perth musos putting on their best show, Colosoul are pulling out all the stops to make this a night to remember.


  • Live Music Venues: Bird, Bakery, Mojos
  • Artists you’re currently listening to: Ariel Pink, Brian Wilson, Methyl Ethel
  • Things to do in the Dark: Play with fire. Whisper. Tread lightly so I don’t trip over things.


  • Song when you’re feeling down: ‘Gran Torino’ Jamie Cullen & Clint Eastwood
  • Happy Song: ‘Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time’ Delfonics
  • Guilty Pleasure: ‘All Star’ Smashmouth
  • Song that makes you dance: ‘Wildfire’ SBTRKT
  • Karaoke Favourite: ‘Ignition’ R.Kelly
  • Power Anthem: ‘More Than a Feeling’ Boston
  • Song that brings back childhood memories: ‘Man Overboard’ Blink 182
  • A song of your own that you have the most fun playing: ‘Bluegums’

To listen to this mixtape and more, look up ‘Silver Hills’ on the colosoulmusic Spotify.

Silver Hills are playing alongside a variety of other super talented Perth musos at our Healthway Lights Out Art Festival this Saturday 28 March. A creative music event in support of Earth Hour, Lights Out Art Festival will showcase an array of local talent in music, art, and fashion. Check out the Facebook event here.

Photo Credit: Silver Hills Facebook Page

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