Health Freaks in Perth – Some hidden gems

– by Monica Snowball


Perth has seen a shift in eating habits over the last few years. More education has started to float around regarding healthy eating. The paleo diet, the raw diet and the vegan diet have seen increased followings, and more discussion has been devoted to why less sugar and more fat is essential for a healthy diet.

More and more members of the community are becoming conscious and aware of healthy living habits, and how having a healthy tummy means having a healthy mind, body and soul. Perth has jumped on the bandwagon by opening more healthy option café’s for all of us to enjoy. Below is a look at a few new and old gems in the healthy eating scene, and these places are totally devoted to the health freak that lives within us all.


raw kitchen 1

The Raw Kitchen – Fremantle

The raw kitchen is all about holistic health – restaurant below and yoga studio above. This place is not only a café, but is a store and workshop, running educational seminars on eating raw. Located in a 1920’s old warehouse, you can tell the Raw Kitchen are all about recycling and being eco friendly. Their values are health, sustainable living and plant-based lifestyle.




The Organic Circle – Armadale

The Organic Circle provides fresh, wholesome produce in suburbia. All the menu items are made from organically grown sources, so you are guaranteed not to ingest any of the nasties. Some of their menu items include the raw beetroot and almond nori roll with seasonal fillings and the raw sesame and sunflower seed sandwich with cashew cream, herb pesto and salad. All of the menu items are available with raw, gluten free, vegan, dairy free or paleo options. The Organic Circle also sell super foods, nutritional and healing products in their store attached to the café.


something raw 1

We Are True – Perth

Although not a café, I thought that this place was worth the mention. We Are True is the creator and distributor of their own Nut Mylk and Alkaline Waters. Created by young Perth based lady boss Sophie, all products are 100% vegan, dairy and gluten free. The products are made from local high quality ingredients and designed to heal and revitalise. They state that the alkalinity in the water makes the stomach less acidic, therefore assisting with digestion, which is awesome news. Some of their products look amazing, and include Black Lemonade and Coffee Nut Mylk.



something raw 2

Something Raw – Mandurah

This is a great place if you are after something vegan – free of any animal, gluten, wheat, refined or processed products. Something Raw opened in 2014, and was the first café to open in the Peel region, with the motivation to educate others in the community on the harmful side effects of everyday industry standard foods. Their menu is categoried into ‘something warm’ and ‘something sweet’ and some of their favourites are Jackfruit Loaded Nachos and Raw Chocolate Crepes.




Flora and Fauna – Northbridge

This little quaint café in Northbridge serves nothing but vegan, vegetarian and raw treats. If you are looking for a healthy brunch spot, look no further. You will expect dishes sprinkles with edible colourful flowers and inner peace while you sip away at your specialty tea. The café also sells greeting cards and flowers, which is great if you are planning to head off to another event during your weekend and need a simple gift to give.


Photos courtesy of each cafe.

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