Half Moon Run’s album ‘Sun Leads Me On’

-by Vanessa Irvine

Half Moon Run‘s second album ‘Sun Leads Me On‘ has a feel of both the Arctic Monkeys and Lumineers as it grabs hold of a country/ indie rock sound. The explicit single, ‘Trust‘, has had a large popularity on the album and the band’s multi-instrumentalist, Dylan Phillips has dubbed it a strange song with somewhat of a chaotic energy. I agree. For the most part of the album I heard a calm and clear indie taste, an acquired melancholic feel throughout all the songs up to track 13- Trust. This upbeat single was a harmonization of head banging beats and literal harmonization. It was like Triple-J decided to play a song from ‘So Fresh‘ top 10. Although the song was obviously contrasting, the lyrics still remained ‘Half Moon Run‘.

In an interview Dylan Phillips the guitarist, drummer and vocalist, he admitted, “Sun Leads Me On came from a place that felt a little bit like being underwater. We kept powering through because ultimately we knew it was worth it. We had this beautiful thing, this wonderful chance, but we were also working our way through a lot of darkness, losing lots of friends, struggles at home, losing our sense of home, trying to let the music guide us but having trouble even finding that. There was a lot of strife in it all, but at the same time the sun just kept pulling us forward, and we just kept powering through and trying to find beauty in what we do.” In this raw interpretation from the band we see the heavy walls that they needed to push through to eventually produce an icebreaking new album.

Half Moon Run‘s testimonial album was released on the 23rd of October 2015, and will be touring live until April next year. A band with an interesting sound and background, all members aged 21-25 are giving the world their unique sound and will hopefully keep going. From the fresh sound of the opening, ‘Warmest Regards‘, until the mysterious ending of the jam packed, ‘Trust’, Sun Leads Me On has had positive feedbacks and will continue to have them.

Photo Credit: Half Moon Run


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