Gunns and Peter Bibby Hit Melbourne

– by Leah Vlatko

Gunns and Peter Bibby, Monday 1 December, The Gasometer Hotel

Surprise gig in Melbourne? Gunns and Peter Bibby? The week I’m there? Nice! Whilst I admit that seeing bands who play on an almost weekly basis in Perth was not at the top of the agenda for my fortnight in Melbourne/Sydney (currently here for a debating tournament: whole other story, my pals), I was also ridiculously excited to hear the Facebook announcements of a surprise gig (direct quote ‘Surprise gig you rapscallions’) featuring some of the best local WA talent. Accompanied by some Melbourne-based pals, this cruisy, chilled-out show was a little bit the best possible way to spend a Monday night.

Easing into the evening with his chill tunes and Aussie sense of irony, Peter Bibby amused the crowd with his witty lyrics covering everything from goon to Centrelink to busking in Freo. Unashamedly Australian, this Midland-raised lad seemed right at home in this cosy Collingwood bar, and relayed to the enthusiastic (albeit very, very hip) crowd humorous tales of his Melbourne experiences. His conversational tone and accessible down-to-earth sound were welcomed by locals (there was a lotta Bibby love to be found that night), as Bibby showed us exactly why my friends love to describe his music as ‘durrie-core’. The set covered old and new favourites, including many that haven’t been played for a while. Highlight for me was Bibby’s original Friends, which overcame an awkward start to climax perfectly in a frenzy of catchy guitar riffs and gritty (yet somehow so so smooth) vocals.

Gunns followed Bibby with their beachy lo-fi pop vibes, marking their classic catchy sound. In a room filled with captivated Melbournites and fuzzy guitar tunes, Clint, the band’s frontman, emphasised how appreciative they were for the excellent turnout, “thankyou for coming out on a Monday night everyone: in Perth no one goes out on a Monday night.” In town following their Australia-wide tour with San Cisco, Gunns put on a fantastic show, and relished in the freedom of headlining a low-scale bar gig.

Certainly worth the $5 entry, this gig was an excellent showcase of everything so very perfect about the music coming out of Perth. For Melbournites unfamiliar with the Perth music scene, I have little doubt that the power of Bibby and Gunns has done our sleepy little beach town justice. To anyone who asks me to sell the benefits of Perth, I now know to point them towards none other than our wonderful music, in all its beach-pop, beach-punk, beach-lo-fi, beach-goth, beach-rock glory.

Images courtesy of Facebook, to keep up with surprise gigs and new music check out Peter Bibby’s Facebook here, and Gunns here


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