Gunns and HAMJAM Brighten Your Monday

– by Leah Vlatko

Happy Monday all! I hope you are enjoying the return to the working week, and the weather has brought smiles to your probably sunburnt faces.

If your day has been rubbish and your life mediocre, that’s all about to change with the blessing of music. If the sunny weather wasn’t enough to put a smile on your dial, how about this new track from Gunns, Give Me SunshineIf that wasn’t enough, have a jam to HAMJAM‘s latest, Double Ride. Hard to have a not okay Monday now, right? Both these tracks are coming to a split 7″ vinyl near you! I, for one, can’t wait.

Also, I’m assuming you’ve heard the latest Koi Child track, as well as Flower Drums’ newest. But if you haven’t, get yourself over to soundcloud quick sharp for Slow One and Bad Websites

In the wise words of fellow music writer, Tobyn Fitch-Rabbitt, ‘what a day it is, to be alive, with stable internet, living in Perth.’

Thank you, Perth gods of music, for improving our week significantly.

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