-By Dariya Salmin

Green Buzzard, the new psychedelic surf-rock band from Oberon NSW, is growing ever so quickly in popularity. After being signed to Melbourne’s label I Oh You (responsible for DMA’s, Violent Soho and Dz Deathrays) last year and releasing their first single, Zoo Fly, the boys received high praise from critics and fans alike. Selling out their first headline show at the Civic Hotel in Sydney, the boys are ready and excited to present us with their new EP, Eazy Queezy Squeezy at their first national headline tour.

Releasing on April the 1st, Eazy Queezy Squeezy contains their brand new single (I Don’t Wanna) Break Your Heart. The second track on the EP, it is a playful, catchy and optimistic song that brings about images of being a teenager in love whilst eating ice cream at the beach on a hot summer’s day. Green Buzzard’s sound is like a surf-rock version of The Wombats but very similar to the pop bands Wavves and Best Coast. (I Don’t Wanna) Break Your Heart has a more 70s psychedelic sound than the other tracks on the EP. With Catchy lyrics and pretty guitar melodies, this song is very addictive, and will have you listening to it on repeat.

Diggin A Hole, is the first track on Eazy Queezy Squeezy. Containing a more grunge surf sound and psychedelic guitar riffs, this song could probably be the best song on the EP. A bit repetitive but it works well, creating the perfect balance of light and shade. The intro is alike to The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album but the rest of the track is unique. The boys nail it by creating captivating build-ups to the chorus, climaxing in a soft lyrical dream. This melodic track is the perfect song to listen to as you go on a road trip along the coast.

Crystal Eyes is the electric guitar love ballad of Eazy Queezy Squeezy. Bringing about youthful images, this track comes across as a more serious track than their other songs. The vocals aren’t strong but it suits the style of the music perfectly. Crystal Eyes sounds like it would be in a 90s rom com and sounds similar to the fifth song Green Time. Green Time has a strong drum and guitar intro, which paves the way for the dreamy vocals. A softer sound, this track sounds like a song you already know. Green Time creates more sci-fi imagery than their other beachy songs and has an electrifying guitar solo.

With Each track on the EP as versatile as the next, it’s Frequency Overload that shines out as a potential crowd favourite. This song is more of a dance track and definitely something you’d hear on Triple J. It has more of an indie rock feel and is really fast paced, complimenting the length of the song. Short but sweet, this track will get you moving and grooving. The last song on Eazy Queezy Squeezy is Motorcars and Jaguars. The boys sum up the album perfectly with a soft guitar intro, hypnotic vocals and layers, psychedelic loops and catchy repetitiveness.Really setting the mood for Eazy Queezy Squeezy and its entirety, it’s only clear Green Buzzard have created an epic debut EP.



Thursday 31st March: Shebeen | Melbourne, VIC

Friday 1st April: Cats @ Rocket Bar | Adelaide, SA

Saturday 2nd April: Foundry | Brisbane, QLD

Saturday 9th April: Newtown Social Club | Sydney, NSW


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