Ghost by Tkay Maidza

-by Kate Michelle

17 year old Adelaide musician Tkay Maidza has just released her new song Ghost for Australian ears to experience before it’s released to the whole world in early december. She revealed this on her Facebook page, “Australia! My new song Ghost is out now! It’ll be available on Dec 2 everywhere else in the world. Thank you for da lovely feedback you guys are the best”

She is taking the Australian electronic music scene by storm, with her last appearance in DKLA by Troye Sivan, a favourite of mine. Her music seems to be going up a couple of levels from her previous singles – Uh huh and Switch Lanes. With Ghost, she’s really exploring her vocal range and musical talent.

Ghost is produced by Baauer, What So Not, and George Maple and is a electronic rap song with catchy hooks and killer beats that keep you listening. The song starts out in very melodic mode, catching you in with piano and her amazing vocals until she breaks out into her rapping that blows everything out of the water. The chorus melds into a rhythmic feeling which gives the song a more pop-like vibe. Tkay is really really changing the rap scene, proving she needs to be doing more of her own music more rather than just guest appearing for other musicians.

The lyrics are initially little confusing to understand but to me the song is about people telling her how she should be living but she’s telling them they don’t know what they’re talking about as in the line “They don’t know the truth from the lie.” The lyrics defiantly feel more developed on Ghost than that of her previous tracks.

Ghost is sure to be a big hit as as it has already reached 75 on the iTunes charts and it’s sure to go higher in the coming weeks, especially after the global release. Tkay‘s new album is due to be released next year right after an EP that we’ll hopefully be hearing very soon.

Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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