Get a Taste of Japanese Crepes

– by Rebecca Harris

No matter what season it is; you can’t go wrong with crepes. Crepes are a light, delicate and delicious way to enjoy sweet and savoury flavours. And what better place to have crepes other than the Maple Crepes Café in Victoria Park! Opened just a year ago and being one of the only few Japanese crepe eateries around Perth, the Maple Crepes Café serve a multitude of sweet and savoury flavours. Although, crepes originated from France and are usually served hot, Japanese crepes are jam-packed with distinctive Asian flavours, made fresh and served cold.

My first visit to the Maple Crepes Café was at 4.30pm on a sweltering day. Walking in, I was enticed by the hand painted mountain, leaves and fish, which adorned the lower level walls. The higher level, separated by stairs, was darker and ornamented with comic portraits, which were still visually pleasing.


I was greeted by the friendly owner and took a seat near the entrance. I scanned the menu, my stomach ravenously growling at the wide selection of crepes I could choose from. I had a hankering for the tiramisu deluxe crepe ($9.50), the chicken pizza crepe ($9.80) and an iced mocha ($4.50).

MCtiramisudeluxe1When it arrived, I was taken by the presentation of both crepes. Tucking into the tiramisu deluxe first, I felt thoroughly satisfied with my decision. The merge of cream with fresh banana, later unified with the cake and chocolate topping, detonated a medley of sweet bliss in my mouth.

I took a bite of the chicken pizza crepe and again, the crunch of the crepe, lettuce and corn with the crispy chicken strips and soft cheddar, bathed in a pizza sauce gratified my rumbling stomach. I took moments to sip my iced chocolate, which was not overpowering, but delectably light and pleasant. I finished all of my food and drink without any complaints and left the Maple Crepes Café with a stomach full of flavoursome and affordable food and drink.

MCchickenpizzaSince then, I would recommend the Maple Crepes Café. It’s inexpensive, delicious and is open almost all day, everyday– meaning it would be a great late night hangout with friends! However, when visiting the Maple Crepes Café, it is essential to be mindful of the distinction between French and Japanese crepes. Knowing the difference and having the tenacity to try something unique can make all the difference in your eating escapades.


ADDRESS: 1/363-367 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, WA, 6100

WEBSITE: www.facebook.com/maplecrepes

PHONE: (08) 9253 0105

HOURS: Monday-Thursday (1oam-10pm), Friday to Saturday (1oam-11pm), Sunday (10am-10pm)

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