Future Music Festival

– by Dylan Smith

Futures. Last weekend. I was there and this is how it went down.

Yellow Claw was the entree to my meal of a music festival; served up with some heavily MC’d trap, an on the fly twerk-off and a lot of 4-to-the-floor. Personally, 4-to-the-floor isn’t a taste I’m too fond of; listening to trap for the past however long has diminished the flavour of anything that isn’t more intricate than a very loud kick every beat. However, one act managed to get away with the 4×4. Who I hear you ask? Oh just the producer of every single song on the internet: Darude.

Darude’s performance was surprisingly good considering his conservative style. And while he didn’t spontaneously combust while rubbing lotion all over his body as ‘Sandstorm’ played – like some predicted – da rude boy gave a very solid effort (hearing ‘Sandstorm’ at the end of his set was actually really uplifting).

Tchami – pronounced with a silent T – threw down the hardest set of the day with his attempts to proselytise the crowd unto the church of future house, touting his well renown frequency modulated synths and progressive bass. Donning his trademark clerical collar, Tchami’s set managed to produce an undoubtedly unique, almost eerie vibe through the culmination of his metallic mid-bass and distorted black and white visual projections.

Between the earlier acts and the weather delayed headliners, there was plenty o’ time to check out the sideshows, including a clan of local DJ’s dominating the Futures foam-pit, a RedBull tent playing entirely other peoples music, and an array of rides.

As the night stumbled forward, 2 Chainz took to entertaining a large crowd with his antics. A lot of which consisted of 2 Chainz’s DJ playing other peoples tracks as our star variably yelled out ‘Yeah!’ or ‘What!?’, however, when he got around to performing his own pieces, he truly got into it.

For dessert was Drake. But Drake didn’t roll around until quite late due to weather issues holding up the main course of post 5pm headliners. However, the pride of Toronto’s tardiness hardly dissuaded the river of true fans that awaited him as he eventually arrived and delivered arguably the most energetic and interactive show of the night.

Considering there were few artists I was excited to see, Future Music Festival delivered some distinctively treasurable experiences, and while they may not have involved Darude playing ‘Sandstorm’ for his entire set and then exploding, some dreams just aren’t meant to be.

Photo Credit: Chris Kerr

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