Fringe World taking over Perth’s Cultural Scene

– Tom Munday

Fringe World 2015, kicking off on January 23rd, will play host to over 500 events across over 31 days across 100 venues.

The festival programme includes a wide, award-winning array of theatre, comedy, circus, dance, and burlesque events.

This year’s festival features multiple local, national, and international events.

Last year’s most popular venues, The Urban Orchard and The Pleasure Garden, will be open from 3pm on weekends to accommodate mass matinee crowds.

The latest venue, The Gold Digger, will be housed in the State Theatre Centre of WA courtyard.

The festival spreads from Scarborough, Fremantle, Victoria Park, Mandurah, and Midland.

370, 000 people attended the festival last year, contributing $45 million to the WA economy.


Find out more at http://www.fringeworld.com.au.

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