Fremantle Fashion Collective 2014

– by Samantha Hendricks

Top Fremantle designers at the prestigious Fremantle Fashion Collective did not disappoint last night after showcasing an array of pioneering styles with the aim to gain global exposure.

10176024_10152459862316361_5805187692807935797_nDemonstrating eight of their most glamourous looks at the PS Art Space in Fremantle were the likes of Empire Rose, Sheree Dornan, Yuuki, Flight Femmes, Wild Horses, Megan Salmon, Tindale and Morrison.

Empire Rose kicked it all off with a black and white bird theme in all white and all black outfits supported by loose, flowing mid-length garments and white feathered crowns.

Up next came Sheree Dornan with an oceanic look to her collection delving in predominant blues, greys and greens on velvet or sheer textured material.  The range featured several open backs in a relaxed boho style.

To follow was Yuuki with a chic yet nonchalant look in black, white and neutral colours on flowing mid-length garments.  The standout feature in the collection was the definite drop crutch on mid-length pants.

1966721_10152459861851361_8491538500852143917_nFlight Femmes gave the crowd a tribal impression with warm colours and drop-back or drop-side edgings.  This feature looked bold on the silk fabrics and amplified the tribal look.

Bringing back leather and lace in a rejuvenated style was Wild Horses.  Blending femininity in classic Parisian couture with contemporary modes, Wild Horses reinvigorated classic leather and lace combinations, white and black colour blocking and navy blue knits, all set under the framework of a black wide-brim hat.

Next up was Megan Salmon who created a subtle pilgrim feel to her showcase.  Typically, the garments had a relaxed look but many were supported by a featured waist belt which subtilised the erratic movement of the flowing garments.

Tindale had a similar look with a loosely flowing appeal to the garments.  However, Tindale featured low cut tops as well as asymmetrical shoulder lines, hanging a heavier amount of material on one shoulder to the other.

Last up was Morrison with an earthy look in familial fabrics10392593_10152459861156361_8656620326304109898_n and styles in the exhibition.  The colours of the Morrison showcase involved a dusty orange and ivory.  Mainly showcasing full-length dresses, they were superbly complimented in these earthy tones.

The shabby-chic venue accommodated the runway event utilising the series of pillars that staggered through the centre of the space by curating the models to weave until reaching the back end of the stage.

Keeping the entire room dark at the beginning of each designer’s segment, the first model to stage would bring awoken lighting upon her as she weaved her way up the runway to light the way for the following models.

The event was a sell out for its second year running and a prominent VIP’s list with A-listers like Fremantle Dockers Midfielder Ryan Crowley and girlfriend Samara Tugwell.

The Fremantle Fashion Collective showcases only Fremantle born labels at the event in the hope to get designers more local interest and potential international exposure.


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Photo credit: Renier Van Niekerk

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