Form Public 2015: Art in Motion

– By Rebecca Westlund

From the wheat belt to the CBD, down to Fremantle and up to the Pilbara- Western Australia has recently had the opportunity to watch street art live in action. Form’s Public 2015 festival brings together street artists from all over the world as well as local artists in a grand spectacle of size, colour and activity. Not only can every street goer be a part of a vibrant community shaping initiative with projects such as these, but for Public 2015 we are also invited to attend pop up exhibitions, a symposium and Form’s own Public Salon which showcases 100 Western Australian artists on a smaller and indoor scale.

I myself had the pleasure of witness Japanese artist and now Melbourne resident Twoone work tirelessly on his mammoth sized piece on the side of the Many6160 building in Kings Square Fremantle. Over the course of 2 days I returned at various times throughout the day to witness his artwork slowly come to life, first as a black sketch and the slowly the addition of blues, whites and details in pink. Using Dulux Weathershield exterior house paint Twoone airbrushed layer over layer, constantly moving his cherry picker up, down and sideways as he went from one part of the work to another. From afar the movements of the picker seemed strange and sporadic, but there is no doubt that he was working with intention and purpose each time he began a new layer or detail. By the end of day two a beautiful buffalo head took up a huge section of the building, travelling from the entrance of Many6160 right up to the rooftop. While I was sitting towards the end of this day a Form representative informed me that he was only one third of the way through the work, and would definitely not be finished on the third day as expected.

twoone progress


Form works together with many people including councils others across both Western and Greeater Australia in the hopes of creating a productive and positive neighbourhood atmosphere or in their own words ‘a state of creativity’. Through the arts they hope to open up avenues for discussion, expression and economic influence, providing residents, businesses and tourists alike with an opportunity for simplified creative thought and environmental connection on a daily basis. These works across the state will serve as a continuous source of inspiration and I look forward to exploring and enjoying each and every one of them myself.

Claremont, Fremantle, Leederville, Northam Wheatbelt, Northbridge, Perth, Pilbara



Photo credit: Rebecca Westlund & Form WA

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