Flower Drums Single Launch

– by Aliza Caruso

Flower Drums, Saturday 22 November, The White House

So, Flower Drums had their Bad Websites single launch on Saturday night, but it was more of a party than your usual weekend gig. Well, I mean, it was first and foremost a house party. An open invitation was sent out to anyone and everyone who was keen to hang out at frontman, Leigh Craft’s, crib (aka The Walcott White House) for campfire chills, cheap drinks (gold coin donation for punch n’ wine and $4 Emus whaaaaat), and, of course, some musical jamzzz.

The place took on a bit of a tropical flare, complete with palm tree decorations and an eerily relaxing video projection of a sandy, island beach upon the parlour room wall. The smoke machine was set to smokiest and there was sparkle in the air, as suddenly everyone (myself included) was rockin’ the stick-on diamantés (not entirely sure how that happened, but it made everyone look like shiny space gods). The vibes were mellow, the air was smoky, the lights were dim, and the people sparkly, and I heard a Grimes song playing in the background, which is always a good sign (Grimes fangirling forever).

Erasers took centre stage on the red, Persian rug with a super smooth set of drone-y synth beats and washed out vocals. There’s a lot of this kinda stuff popping up in Perth at the moment, so I’ve found it pretty easy to get sick of after a while. (Maybe it was the foil palm trees in the background) but Erasers were actually pretty gripping, especially being the first time I’d seen/heard them. I can’t quite put my finger on what I loved about them just yet (guess I’ll have to see them again to figure it out). Impressive.

Flower Drums delivered a set of about six songs, owing to the infectious party vibe emanating from all corners of The White House limiting their set length. Ha. Obvious favourites Swim Down and Birthday Girl (mega badass bass solo my mega babe Rhian) were played, as well as that quirky track of theirs made up entirely of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball samples. Crazy catchy new single Bad Websites was the highlight for me (definitely biased, as it’s probably my favourite Flower Drums track at the moment) (goddamn, it’s good) (listen to it here). Last tune of the night was a groover, described by my pal Pang as a “total banger”. G one, Pango, g one.

It was just a super chill night, with good company and fab tunes. And my fam seemed to love the fact that I had diamonds on my eyebrows at my uncle’s 50th birthday breakfast the following morning. I literally woke up like that. Classic me.

Photo by Phoebe Tran, available on Flower Drums facebook page

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