Flair 2014 @ Gallery Central

– by David Charlesworth

Gallery Central in Northbridge was awash with reflected colour last month from the Flair 2014 exhibition. Taking place from July 9-30 more than 50 glass artists from across Australia shared their skill in an exhibition that is organised by Ausglass every two years. Ausglass is an organisation of glass artists across Australia who promote the medium, arranging exhibitions such as this since 1979.

Entering the exhibition I had expected stained glass and bright vases but was taken aback by the variety of beautiful work awaiting me. Not only by the beauty of the pieces but the intricacy and the artistry behind them. Pieces range from thumb sized jewellery to a metre long steel fish installation encasing glass balls reflecting the constantly changing lights amongst them. From beautiful patterns and expertly etched images to free standing sculptures and works that glow in the dark.

Insideout by Kevin Gordon (WA), vase of blown glass and engraved
Insideout by Kevin Gordon (WA), vase of blown glass and engraved

The exhibitions show the art was not limited by form, brilliantly highlighting the versatility of the medium using the light in the space to great effect. On exhibition was the sheer versatility in the medium featuring many techniques including blown glass, engraving, kiln formed, pate de verre, free formed manipulated, flame work, installations and stained glass. Each piece’s texture could look as different from the next as steel and wood.

On July 12 there was a demonstration as part of the exhibition showing kiln forming glass, with another demonstration due on the 19th showing lamp working, beads and jewellery techniques. All pieces were available for purchase by the public with jewellery pieces at $15 to $11,500 for the fish installation. To choose words to describe an exhibition is often difficult but in this case one springs easily to mind, astounding.

Currently on at Gallery Central is MetaMORPHisis, an exhibition of work by Secondary school artists on display until August 29.

For more information visit: www.gallerycentral.com.au

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