Five Minutes With Skye Lockwood From Auguste

-By Conor Graham


AUGUSTE are an Adelaide pop-duo consisting of step-sisters, Skye Lockwood and Beth Keough. Upon hearing their new single, Kingdom I had the opportunity to ask Skye some questions regarding both past and future releases.

Hi! First of all I’d love to know, where did the name of the band originate from?

August is the month we decided to take a different path musically. We started producing our own music & writing all our songs together instead of separately. It’s also the month we lost a very close family member, so has some sentimental significance.

Outside of your musical endeavours, what do you both get up to/plan to do? 

I am a marketing manager in the music industry and Beth is doing a PHD in urban planning. Music takes up a lot of our time so it’s great that both of our roles outside of this are quite flexible!

If you were to name your favourite musicians who would they be and who has influenced your current sound the most?

There are so many! Oldies would have to be Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, America… The newbies include the likes of Salt Cathedral, Kyle Lionhart, Son Little and Japanese Wallpaper. That’s only scratching the surface by the way! I don’t stick to one genre and there’s always a small part of each of my favourite tracks that I draw inspiration from.

When it comes to writing songs, what’s your creative process or does it sway from time to time? 

Our creative process as Auguste has changed over the years. We now write all of our songs together and sometimes agonise over lyrics for weeks until we feel we’ve nailed it. We love writing together and we often drill each other if a bad line gets thrown on the table :)

Is there anyone you are both listening to a lot of right now? Anyone in the local scene we should be checking out? 

There’s some great stuff coming out of Adelaide, a few of my favourites are Lostwoods, Southie, Hardaches, SKIES, and Thom Lion and the Tamers. Check them out!

 Where did your musicality come from do you reckon? Are you both singers  and instrumentalists too? 

Our families have a bit of a musical background. We had both dabbled in writing and singing as kids but it wasn’t until we got together in our teens that we started to gain confidence and see how we could actually make music and share it with people!

Bit of a controversial one…but just out of interest, do you feel like being two females hampers or heightens your ability to achieve in the music industry? What’s been your experience on it so far? 

This has been a hot topic lately and it’s obvious that gender inequality is prevalent in the music industry. I don’t think it should heighten or hamper our ability to achieve in this industry but it probably has, and I hope the focus around gender imbalance will inspire some changes. Our manager is also female so we are three passionate females working to kill it in this industry and hopefully we can inspire other women to do so as well.

Do you have any more singles coming out before the record is released and when can we get our hands on it? 

Yes! We have a really exciting new single to release soon, collaborating with someone we absolutely love… Watch this space!

Where has been your favourite place to play? I see you’re going to the UK!? What does 2016 hold for Auguste? 

We played the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury in 2014! That was AMAZING! We will be releasing more tunes and touring a lot through out 2016/17 so keep your eyes and ears open.


Photo Credit: Auguste

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