Finders Keepers at the Little Wing Corner Gallery

-By Dariya Salmin

Hidden on the corner of Hay Street and Olive Street in Subiaco, Little Wing Corner Gallery is a quirky art gallery and performance venue that holds monthly events supporting and exhibiting budding artists doing live paintings, alternative art and photography. Together with the artists, you can find local, up and coming live bands always accompanying each exhibition. The last event ‘Finders Keepers’ included artists using found objects to incorporate within their artworks and the four Perth bands: Villanova, Fuzz Toads, The Drools and Spaceman.

As I entered the gallery, the creative atmosphere overwhelmed me and I have to say it was probably the most artistic and colourful venue I’ve ever been to. The artistic and colourful nature was mirrored within the vibe of the crowd, as the first two support acts Villanova and Fuzz Toads reinforced the psychedelic mood for the night, as people slowly rolled in.

As the fun fair began, people started buzzing around the artists, drinking coconuts filled with Sailor Jerry, as the artists James Giddy, Steve Browne and Paulie Juan did live paintings. However, it was The Drools who drew the crowd away from the artworks and into the music room. With the disco ball, smoke machine and fairy lights the atmosphere of the gig was somewhat magical, as the three-piece band came across as really relaxed and down to earth. However, I could tell when the boys first started playing that this was something they’re really serious about and something they’re seriously good at.

With the perfect balance of psychedelic and rock, light and dark, the messiness of the music somehow seems to flow poetically. Another Perth band to the likes of The Love Junkies and Red Engine Caves, they really captured the crowd and there wasn’t one person who wasn’t bopping their head. Overall it was the final song I am who I am that really had a powerful presence and left everyone with the optimistic attitude to welcome on stage the headliner, Spaceman.

the drools2


These five boys: Broderick Madden-Scott, Jack Gaby, George Foster, Nicholas Perkins and Benny Trouchet from Fremantle describe their genre as *formerly SpaceManAntics* Lo-fi Psych Pop and that’s exactly what it is. Dreamy and hypnotically psychedelic, these boys do a great job at mastering an over done genre. Although the music could be described as easy listening, the flow of the quirky synth managed to keep the whole crowd foot tapping, arms shaking and head bopping. Their on stage presence was really fun, and if I squinted it was just a whole bunch of afros grooving on stage. However, when really focusing on the music, I came to the conclusion that they reminded me of a cross between Kraftwerk and old Nintendo Sega games like Sonic the Hedgehog. I also couldn’t help but feel like the set, together with the melody and beat, was an intense galactic mission through space and the final song was the end climax of the rising action. The set finished with a really solid ending and as the boys of Spaceman stood there physically and mentally exhausted, I could see they went through the whole journey with us.

cornergallery spaceman


I have to say this event was the perfect way to start my weekend. As the artists slowly put down their brushes, myself and the crowd were left to bask in the artistic ambience of the venue and order our last coconut and Sailor Jerry to finish off the balmy night.


Photo Credit: Rachael Barrett


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