Fear of a Brown Planet @ Teatro




By Gautam Jadhav

Following a UK tour, TV popularity and countless rave reviews, Fear of A Brown Planet are back and how!

As part of the Perth Fringe Festival, Nazeem Hussain and Aamer Rehman performed two shows at the Perth Cultural Centre’s pop up venue Teatro. Although their material is largely based on the rather dry subject of politics, their straight-talking style and sharp wit made the show a super-hit. Nazeem opened the show in his customary audience engaging, brazenly funny style, touching on issues ranging from Tony Abbott to Australian drinking culture. Aamer followed Nazeem once he had finished his half hour performance, and started off by misleading the audience through a very cleverly masked sentimental speech. The contrast in styles was immediately evident as his was a more sardonic and laidback style than Nazeem’s.

While this time around, they performed only twice, but both shows were to packed houses. Here’s hoping that fact brings this one hour rollercoaster ride back to Perth soon!

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