Fat Pants: Electronic Music of the Week

– by Dylan Smith

This week: Jack Ü, Tchami and JAUZ. Now chuck on your headphones and let’s go.

Jack Ü, aka Skrillex and Diplo, aka Mr. Bangarang and random white dude (who be everywhere), first fired shots into the air with their surprise track release of ‘Take Ü There (ft. Kiesza)’ late last year. Ever since, the hype has very presumably grown a LOT – I mean, considering who Jack Ü is, it makes perfect sense – and it was building to something. Not long after ‘Take Ü There’ emerged, two other snippets of brilliance arose from a Diplo and Friends mix; two Jack Ü songs revealed to be pieces from their upcoming album. And that album is now here.

You can listen to Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü here. Be sure to check out ‘To Ü (ft. AlunaGeorge)’ and ‘Febreze (ft. 2 Chainz)’, the two absolute bangers that were previously wafted under our noses late last year. And while you’re on the Jack Ü train, check out these two notable remixes of ‘Take Ü There’ by TroyBoi and Tchami.

Speaking of Tchami, if you’re unaware of the vibe this French producer compels then read the paragraph on him here. TLDR; he wears a priest outfit while performing alongside freaky visuals, his music is dark and frequency-modulated, and most notably, he established the sound of future house. But these digital words do no justice to the atmosphere Tchami moulds during live performance. So if you ever have the opportunity to catch Tchami play live, take that leap of faith. For a frame of reference, listen to Tchami’s ‘Shot Caller’, as well as his remix of AlunaGeorge’s ‘You Know You Like It’.

Ever had a song stuck in your head but never been able to find it? Well I have, however I finally found out what it was thanks to Tchami playing it at Futures this year. The song: ‘Feel The Volume’, by a new favourite producer of mine, JAUZ. This dude utilises a really unique wubby sound, synthesised variants of which feature in almost all of his tracks. JAUZ primarily produces future house/bass (which explains why Tchami guided me to him), and literally every track I’ve heard from him packs an incredible punch. Please go and listen to JAUZ’s ‘Jaws Theme’ (yeah JAUZ is pronounced ‘jaws’ but with a Z), as well as his remixes of Tiga’s ‘Bugatti (ft. Pusha T)’ and Childish Gambino’s ‘3005’.
(He has a bunch of free remixes available on his Facebook so be sure to hit them up too).

Photo Credit:  Jack Ü Facebook page

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