Fashion Film Festival: Rear Window

– by Jen Perry

I have a confession. My idea of a fashionable day out involves lacing up my aubergine Doc Martens, zipping up my favourite (only) pair of skinny jeans and debuting my latest op-shop purchase, in this case a striped cropped jumper. So when I attended last evening’s screening of Rear Window at The Backlot studio in West Perth, that’s exactly what I wore. While I might have initially felt a bit out of my element, the bespoke Grace Kelly cocktail and welcoming attitude of those in attendance quelled my nerves.

The Fashion Film Festival celebrates the intersection of what’s curated on the screen and what happens in the fashion world as a consequence; the trickle down effect of trend-setting stars and how those concepts are interpreted by designers and consumers alike. Last night was all about Grace Kelly and her femininity; think perfectly made up face, coiffed hair, choker of pearls, cinched waist and flowing skirt. Rear Window was a surprisingly perfect vehicle for these looks, framing Kelly’s well-to-do superiority against her charming comedic timing – in couture no less. Playing opposite Jimmy Stewart, who spent the entire film in several pairs of unremarkable of pyjamas, the clothing stood out even more.

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Rear Window tells the story of L.B. Jeffries, a photojournalist laid up in his apartment with a broken leg, who watches his neighbours’ comings and goings in the opposite apartment building. All is well until he witnesses what he assumes to be a murder and a cast of characters conspire to find out the truth. It’s a clever movie choice for a fashion festival. When one considers landmark images of cinematic fashion, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sex and the City come to mind, but not an Alfred Hitchcock film.

I felt the whole experience was slightly surreal, more curated and impressive than I was initially expecting. It’s not everyday that gorgeous 6-foot-tall models are parading around you in a bespoke private cinema as you settle in to watch a movie made in 1954. If you’re looking for a lovely evening out with a friend to enjoy some special treatment, you should attend one of the inaugural events of this festival. I’m seriously looking forward to June 3rd’s showing of Zoolander. Time to practice my Blue Steel.


In the interest of full disclosure, the author won these tickets through a Facebook competition. Her writing of this review is due to the sheer enjoyment of having attended such a unique event.

The Fashion Film Festival has scheduled events throughout 2015. The next event is on June 3rd. For more information visit their website or Facebook page. For more information on The Backlot visit their website.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Film Festival website.

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