Exhibition Opening : Amor Unearthed

 – by Zev Weinstein

Amor Unearthed is a collaboration between local artists Nelson Jeffery, Frankie Shaw, Josh Naxington and Raen Coplin. The work of several other guest artists will feature throughout the exhibition. The night will showcase a unique range of abstract artworks, with a common emphasis on emotive style and psychedelic influences. The exhibition marks the debut for many artists involved.

Amor Unearthed runs from the 25th to the 29th of January with an opening night on the 25th starting at 7pm. Be sure to make your way down to UWA’s art lab for a night of young talent, music and big smiles.

DATES : 25th – 29th of Janurary

WEBSITE : Amor Unearthed Art Exhibition

WHERE : Art Lab CNR Broadway and Stirling HWY

Artwork by Raen Coplin

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