Everclear – Sparkle and Fade 20th Anniversary Tour

– by Carla Avendano

Celebrating their 20th anniversary Sparkle and Fade tour, Everclear decided to perform their concert at the Rosemount Hotel. I love coming to this venue as they cater well to the rock-grunge styles that pass through, now I’m truly honoured to be able to add this one to the list of such amazing performances I’ve seen before.

Supporting acts Pat Chow and Apache set the crowd up quite well, and I loved both performances. These guys are a great bunch of musicians, Pat Chow had a great garage-rock vibe going on with strong vocals. Apache set a more of a grunge feel with a hint of old school garage rock, they absolutely killed it on the guitars, bass and drums. Every cord strung was killer, the crowd loved it. Apache started of with “Club Banga,” and Timothy Gordon’s soprano as he hit monstrously high notes without waver, kept the crowd pumping as the venue began to fill up. By the time they broke out “Creatures” the Rosemount was pretty packed with Everclear fans ready to belt out along side Art Alexakis lead singer, song writer, guitarist and founder of the 90’s alternative rock band.

Ever since the beginning of the night the crowd had been waiting with anticipation, after all this was a sold out concert. The fans began to demand the band as the lights dimmed and on came Everclear. The crowd welcomed them with a thunderous cheer and applause, they got straight into it opening with “Electra“, quickly the room filled up with a small mosh pit. These fans meant serious rock out business. “Heroin Girl,Sparkle and Fades first single came next and was a sure hit with the crowd as they were singing along clearly knowing every word of this hit single. Everclear did such an awesome set playing favourites like “Santa Monica,” “Whore,” and “Summerland,” they all had the audience singing word for word and with bit of light head banging here and there, the atmosphere was just rocking.

Art interacted with the crowd, thanking them for backing his singing up as he had a somewhat raspy dry throat, they gave back showing just how devoted they are by continuing to sing along with the rest of the set. It’s been 20 years that Everclear have been performing in Australia, their actual first-ever sold-out concert was in Perth so they really got involved with crowd it was amazing seeing these guys acts just as cool as they were in the 90’s. They continued along with “Brand New Skin,” “Queen of the Air,” and “Chemical Smile” these song just so easy to bop to rock along with. Just like any great alternative rock band they dedicated “My Sexual Life” to all the stupid men out there which was pretty spot on if you’ve every heard it. Everclear kept the tempo up the whole night, and it wasn’t hard to want to just head bang and jump around and cause havoc in the small, energetic space.

Playing something from their new album Black is the New Black, “The Man who Broke his own Heart” is a personal favourite, it has a bit of a different tone to their previous stuff but none the less just as loveable. It was good to hear some of their new stuff knowing that their still out there making some good music, definitely looking forward to checking the rest of it out.
They finished up with I think everyone’s favourite, at least a very well known song “Wonderful.” You couldn’t help but sing along to this one, as if over the years and countless forgotten appointments, meetings, and plans, this catchy song was always hiding somewhere in there. Such a feel good song and everyone at that point was enjoying themselves. Once they thanked everyone they retreated back off stage but this bunch wasn’t letting them leave without an encore. They began chanting encore even before the band disappeared, despite Everclear’s ability to put on one hell of a show, regardless of a sore throat. They came back out gave the fans what they wanted and played “Local God” and “New Life.” I cant wait for them to come back, and I will most certainly be there to check them out again.

Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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