EP Review: Set the Record “Above the World”

By Natasha Drake.

Set the Record explode41nBYQOOWnL__SL500_AA280_s in an upbeat passionate debut EP “Above the World”.

The Brisbane rock and pop group brings a fun, melody driven sophisticated lyrical album into the Australian industry and the catchy sound that morphs your morning from good to bad, sad to happy.

The melodies catch you, and entice you to keep on listening.  The booming group is content with lyrics that are moving and upbeat, having played with some of the most iconic Australian bands like Heroes for Hire and Mission in Motion.

Their EP is full of emotion, character and fun and shows depth in the lyrics of love, friendship and relationships. Their latest song “Real” was recorded at Electric Sun Studios with the magnificent Dave Petrovic. “Right for Me” is another amazing track that sees a rhythmic rock beat and touching lyrics about friends and relationships. The five song EP has diversity within the lyrics, a strong melody and some kicking bass.

I absolutely love the EP from this quintet and from drawing influence from leading bands like Paramore and All Time Low, we are looking forward to the hearing more upbeat, fun and charming music from the talented band.


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