EP Review: Bandito Folk – The Embankment


Kyra Shennan

Purely judging a book (or cd, in this case) by its cover, I had a feeling I’d like it. Maybe it’s by the name Bandito Folk. The name makes you think of a band of vigilantes that play music to get some extra cash while on the run doesn’t it? No? Moving on… Some clever and funny lyrics may make these guys likeable – “playing hacky sack won’t make your dick any longer” – but we know a few choice words don’t make a song great. I found ‘Into the fire’ to be slightly expansive. However, I feel there’s more potential to be explored here. Track three was my favourite until I listened to track four, ‘Just because you don’t know my name.’ It struck me as being more clever than the previous three songs. the haunting vocals are lovely and the drawn out lyric: “just because you don’t know my naaaaaame” almost enters tortured Radiohead territory. Almost. I’ll be keeping an ear out for this indie quintet from now on.

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