Eon by Opia

-By Stephanie Lyon

Listening to Eon it’s hard to put Perth band Opia into just one genre. Opia has the progressive rock riffery of Cog on songs like Still Standing. The vocals are sometimes a unique cross between Birds of Tokyo and 30 Seconds To Mars but then with a song like Did You Notice the speed of the beat and the vocal rhythm can also be reminiscent of a ‘Three Days Grace’ song. Opia combines the alternative, indie, progressive rock, and heavy rock genres; successfully blurring the boundaries to bring us a debut album which is eclectic and interesting. So let’s be cool and refuse to put Eon inside just one box.
In 37 minutes and 46 seconds, the artists: Michael Bok, Dan Zarb, and Dain Pattison breathe life and energy into the local music scene. The overall sound is flawless, with the guitars, drums, and vocals polished to perfection across the 10 tracks which include warmly received singles One Minute Ago, Signs, and Still Standing. It’s impossible to find a fault with the album as it’s so easy to listen to from beginning to end, the lyrics are relatable, and despite some darker musical undertones it provides a general feeling of optimism. The lyrics are full of imagery and sound beautifully poetic throughout the entire album:

‘I’ve been searching for something new to see
searching for something new to be
I know the pieces fit
I don’t know where the pieces go’

If you’re looking to treat your ear drums to something a bit different, or are ready to try something new, check out Opia’s debut album Eon today.

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