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– byIndoor Revathie Dhanabalan

Having always cherished the end-of-weekend, it seemed a good a time as any time to dip my toes into an unfamiliar territory. Despite its newness, this central Freo café, Yocal has a no-nonsense approach to their eclectic range of dishes accompanied with honest prices.

Sitting on Collie Street, Yocal is like many of the cafés down the side of the street. Stepping through the little blue gate and into an old house café, you are greeted by mismatched stools, tall benches and leafy courtyards surrounded by graffiti mural.

The menu has a few surprises on it like the classic Canadian breakfast, which they reinvented to buttermilk and ricotta hotcakes with spiced orange syrup, double cream and prosciutto ($17). Of course if you are after just bacon and eggs, you should try Billy’s Big Breakfast filled with herbed mushrooms, grilled tomato, pork, fennel chipolatas, bacon, eggs and toast ($20).

Mismatched FurnituresIf you’re looking for a more hearty meal that is well priced, an order of barbeque pork ribs with coleslaw ($18) accompanied with fresh coleslaw with a liberal lacing of pine nuts would do the trick. Yocal also offers vegan and gluten-free coffee choices that is sold at $3 a cup. Definitely a café that keeps the lid on coffee prices but not at the cost of quality.

This bustling café is very ‘Freo’. The wait-staff are cheerful and it is certainly a good spot for coffee or to just take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yocal is what Fremantle has always been about – it’s down to earth, friendly and relaxed. So step away from the usual cappuccino strip and venture into a more laidback territory at Yocal.


ADDRESS: 18 Collie Street, Fremantle

WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/yocalcafe

PHONE: 6219 5216

HOURS: Monday-Friday, 6am-4pm & Saturday-Sunday, 7am-4pm




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