Double-D Damnation

By Harriet Condron

Women with big boobs, like myself, have a hard time. We have trouble finding cute lingerie. On top of that, loose fitting clothing is out, there is no way to make a baggy dress look slimming when it hangs of your widest areas.

Buttoned down shirts have to be worn with caution as the buttons might pop open at any moment, and all other kinds of t-shirts have to be purchased the next size up to cater for your assets.

On top of all that, you boobs always bloody move. And because of this, low cut tops, and a long list of other fashion items can’t be worn. Well they can but they draw unwanted attention.

On a recent shopping trip to find swimwear for summer, in an attempt to own more than one bikini set, I realised how hard it is to find a bikini or costume that caters for a larger cup size.

Most swimwear stocked in stores reach a DD cup, maximum. And for anyone who isn’t less than a D cup, you have two options, either squeeze your breasts into a tiny piece of fabric or pay an extortionate amount of money for a larger piece of fabric to cover your entire breast.

It is logical that companies focus on pretty and small pieces that don’t require extra underwire and support that other women need. But by ignoring this side of the market, they’re also neglecting women who might require a little extra help.

There are many statistics floating around about women wearing wrongly fitted underwear, and although we may never know the true figure, it is reasonable to suggest that women choose to wear wrong sized bras and bikinis. Because, truth be told, I would rather look like a waitress at Hooters than pay three times more than anyone else for a swimsuit that fits.

Even after all the trouble myself, and many other women, have trying to find swimwear that fits, we can all feel confident in the knowledge that no matter what cup-size, we will slay on the beach this summer.

Image credits Total Recall, Columbia Pictures

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