DOMMSmiles All Round: Spotlight on Vlogger

By Natasha Drake

With the world at her feet, young fashionista Dominique Amor is a You Tube favourite.

At just 19 years old, Australian-born Dominique, known as “DOMMSmiles”, has a following of over 24 000 subscribers from around the world who view her look books and beauty videos for inspiration and trends on the current and upcoming seasons.

Based in Sydney, Dominique has worked with brands such as Romwe and Zu Shoes. Her unique style brings forward great innovation and creativity within pieces that are both classic and fashion forward.

Dominique loves to show her viewers how to put together outfits that work well as an ensemble. She also enjoys creating looks for special events such as Valentines Day and New Years Eve.  

Dominique is a huge inspiration to young adults and teenagers with her unique style and her bubbly personality. We absolutely love her style and innovation with current and upcoming trends.


Valentines Day Lookbook 2014

One Shift Dress, Three Ways


LUSH Cosmetics Haul


Real Talk: Anxiety, School and Strict Parents

Dominique’s YouTube Channel

Dominique’s Facebook Page

Be sure to check Dominique’s collection of look books and beauty videos!


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