Does Travel Make Us Happier?

-by Elyse Simich

Do you ever find yourself sitting at work, dreaming about being somewhere else? Maybe you picture yourself on a holiday to the beach, or visiting historical landmarks. Wherever it is, most experts agree travel makes us happy.

According to research from the Australian Psychological Society 35% of Australians reported having a significant level of distress. People between the ages of 18-35 reported having the lowest level of well-being than any other group. So with our daily lives keeping us busy, dreaming of travel plans gives us that escape we so desperately need.

Apparently dreaming about traveling is most of the fun. Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands conducted a study by surveying 1530 adults. Of those, 974 went on a holiday during the research period. Their study found people were happiest while planning the holiday, instead of during the holiday.

“People derive more happiness from two or more short breaks spread throughout the year, than from having just a single longer holiday once a year,” said Jeroen Nawijn in his findings.

This definitely rings true for me. I love being able to plan and countdown to my next holiday. It’s certainly anti-climatic when you come home from a holiday only to return to work two days later.

And this love for travel is evident in most Australians too. This week, News Corp reported that a study by comparetravelinsurance.com showed 62% of Australians would prefer to keep their annual leave than trade it in for more money.
With holidays being so important for our mental well-being, whether we stay close to home or travel far, this isn’t surprising. The young adults were most likely to take their leave.

Some of the top spots to visit include Portugal, Spain, Florida, Vanuatu, Bordeaux, Iceland, Queenstown, Tokyo, Salzburg and Australia’s very own Great Barrier Reef.

So if you’re feeling stressed, start dreaming of your next holiday. It’s always good to have something positive to look forward to. And if you’re worried about money you can always use this as an opportunity to explore the place you live in.

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