Doctopus at Mojos

– by Tobyn Fitch-Rabbitt

Doctopus, Thursday 4 December, Mojos

Supported by: Laurel Fixation, Hokra, The Hounds, Kitchen People, Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care

Motherflippin’ Doctopus are back in all their triumphant glory (my dad’s a fan). After (presumably) taking over the US with POND and Peter Bibby (possibly the greatest thing to have ever happened – not even joking, this is on par with the French Revolution), local legend Doctopus played their first proper gig back in Perth at Mojos.

Kitchen People is comprised of members from Hideous Sun Demon and Aborted Tortoise, so of course, sounds like the perfect midpoint between the satanic Birthday Party act of HSD and straight up punk of Aborted Tortoise, full of catchy hooks and Aussie accents.

Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care was next up. Switching between contemplative slower numbers and straight up menacingly dissonant post-punk numbers, all of which are eerily similar to Nick Cave (in the best of ways), as Maurice imposed a striking presence front of stage. Featuring the nastiest bass tone I’ve ever heard matched deconstructive guitar hooks be sure to catch them at The Bird in two weeks time.

It’s the flipping second coming, Doctopus are back on home turf. The best band in Perth is here to set things straight, Stevie Moore covers and all. With songs spanning from Chronic Fatigue to Chronic Reprise,  the band stays as loose, punk and distinctly Aus-core (or durrie-core) as ever. Filled with simple lyrics either laced with irony or basic truths, they’re back and as potent as ever. To wrap up before I literally start worshipping frontman Stephen Bellaire and his flying V bass guitar, why not finish up with this quote from him: “’Cos we’re playing on a Thursday, my work’s letting me come in four hours late, so f*** it, I’m thinking a gig every week night.” The dream, mate, the dream.

Also check out The Hounds, Hokra and Laurel Fixation, who were on early and I did not quite manage to catch.

For more Doctopus grooves, check out bandcamp. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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