Digital Order Volume 1











Tom Munday


Judging by electronica/rock ensemble Digital Order’s latest EP cover, the group has looked for inspiration behind every nook and cranny. With its kaleidoscopic comic book artwork, the cover is only a hint of this kinetic EP’s genius. Having already set the tone for their upcoming track list, Digital Order’s work becomes an electric cross between Led Zeppelin and Prodigy. The EP chronicles several meteoric shifts between genres and sounds. This group, placing certain eclectic rhythms in the spotlight, has produced a number of catchy and engaging electronic tracks.

The first track, Amsterdam, Becomes a Presets-like dance-floor extravaganza. Here, with the track’s overt name fitting with the debilitating tempo, each engaging lyric matches the climbing beat. With each thumping note contrasting one another, their first track becomes a note-worthy and accessible introduction for this stellar EP. However, the second track, Antilles, draws the listener in with a stellar guitar riff. With the effective guitar and drum rhythms, the track worms its way into the consciousness. Using echo-like vocals to underscore the thumping sound, Digital Order efficiently experiments with modern electronica sounds.

Adding to this EP’s film/comic book theme, the fourth track, We Are the Warriors, is a defining and enthusiastic heavy-metal track. This entertaining track, departing from the comforting electronica/rock sounds, soars thanks to Tristan Calder’s violent and starling vocals. Though each pulsating track aids this unique compilation, the stand out track is Capricorn. Concluding this entertaining EP, the track is boosted by kinetic synthesiser sounds and catchy percussive beats. Digital Order’s latest EP, though slightly repetitive, is chock full of enlightening dance-floor numbers and electronic anthems.

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