Debut Album Mindfullness Sets the Tone for Flyying Colours’ Bright Future

– by Louis Humberstone

A debut album can be one of the most daunting and important steps an artist takes. It is the first big impact they will make, and one which will stay with them for a long time. Making sure that every track will represent you in a saturated and competitive market is a trick which few can pull off.

Resting somewhere between Psychedelic and Shoegaze, Flyying Colours’ debut Mindfullness finds the Melbourne four-piece building on their early EPs to set up a cohesive and blazing effort that radiates creativity.

With its jangly guitars and harmonious vocals, “Long Holiday”, the single and second track, sets a distinctive sound for Flyying Colours. The sonics that swirl around are beautiful, as “Long Holiday” continues to grow under its own sound, before sweeping over the listener in a wave of aural enchantment.

“Mellow” is a clever track which lives up to the name, with the soft vocals gliding through the airy instrumentation, complemented by a tight beat which keeps the song grounded. On songs such as this, Flyying Colours seem to allude to a groove in their music, as the sounds take on an almost visual representation.

“Morning Stoner” kicks in with a nostalgic sounding guitar riff, and vocals which sound distant and barely recognisable. These sounds are common throughout the album, in a strange juxtaposition which gives the music immediacy whilst the vocals remain detached. The result is a feeling of isolation which doesn’t seem wrong to share; Mindfullness wouldn’t sound out of place at either a party or a bedroom.

Showing just how quickly they are getting into things, the release of Mindfullness will be supported by a short national tour; the band has just completed an international tour around the UK, Europe and China.

Other great tracks include the dreamy “ROYGBIV”, which has a trippy, slow vibe, and like much of the album takes you into new places just as it settles in. “It’s Tomorrow Now” is a fuzzy and slightly haunting song which captivates a little aggression into Flyying Colours’ otherwise dreamy set up.

Speaking of the album, member Brodie J Brümmer says, “Sometimes something just has to happen before anything else can, and this record was our something. Some has come before, and much will come after, but this record was us, right then, and right now.”

This album has proved to be an important step in the right direction for a band which seems to be at the top of their game right now. A debut album might not be an easy thing to make, but now that Flyying Colours have put forward this outstanding effort, they can look back at what they’ve done and have some fun with it.

Check out Flyying Colours and their debut album Mindfullness which is available now!

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