Dead Letter Circus at The Rosemount Hotel

– by Carla Avendano

Before leaving the home land to begin their New Zealand Tour, Dead Letter Circus paid a visit to North Perth’s Rosemount Hotel. While having attracted quite a large crowd the venue was pumping with ready to go rockers, opening bands Graphic Characters and I Am Giant set up the mood before having Dead Letter Circus make their entrance on stage which had clearly been highly anticipated by the fans giving the Brisbane band a massive welcome.

They had the crowd pumping from the minute they rocked up on stage to the moment they hit those last strums, playing crowd favourites “I Am”, Lodestar and ” The Space on the Wall” gave for a great atmosphere having the more religious fans moshing in the front and centre while the rest were happy head bobbing along enjoying the performance they put on. Mainly playing songs from albums The Catalyst Fire and This is The Warning they did perform their latest single “While You Wait” off their upcoming album Aesthesis, set to be released August 14. The crowd welcoming this news with a roar of cheer and applaud, these rockers do know how to please their fans.

During their gig a few lucky fans in the crowd got to take home a usb device with some sneak peaks of their new album, besides interacting with the crowd 11707709_10153014790996361_367499934657758299_oand giving them their thanks they also gave a special thanks to support bands Graphic Characters and I Am Giant. Dead Letter Circus whole set was a perfect performance they sounded so much better live than the CD I had been listening to on the way to the gig and held the whole night’s performance tightly. Hitting the crowd with “Cage” had everyone there rocking out, the vibe was definitely there keeping you warm on this cold winter night.

Dead Letter Circus continued on delivering an outstanding show throughout the night consisting of songs “Reaction”, “Lines” , “The Veil” and a few others, filling the stage with so much musical talent and energy. Knowing that all good things must come to an end, the crowd cheered on for a few more songs, where Dead Letter Circus delivered pleasing their Perth based fans. Bursting into “Here We Divide,” and moving into the finishing song, “One Step” had the crowd joining in and singing along to what was a rocking night filled with great Australian talent. Can’t wait to see what their newer album brings once it’s released


Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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