Daniel Johns Solo Album Talk

– by Jacob Herbert

8 years after the Australian rock band Sliverchair released their last album, lead sing Daniel Johns has released his own solo album ‘Talk’. The new heartfelt and emotional album was released in May this year, proving the amount of musical talent that he has.

The lo-fi sounds that Johns used in the single ‘Ariel Love’, also the first track of the album, feels like he is slowly introducing this new sound to us hoping his listeners will accept it. It is a really simplistic tune with a basic beat but like in a lot of cases, less seems to be more. The vocal melodies are definitely the strong point of this song and basically the whole album.DanielJohns_McleanStephenson-172.234231 copy

A lot of the time when an artist changes their style most people start to say that their new style is rubbish but for this case I would have to disagree. The whole album is an emotional journey and Daniel Johns voice picks up the slow tempo’d tracks and keeps you interested. On the album, the fourteenth track ‘New York’ is an intense melodic ballad that starts with a nice piano basis that slowly builds until you’re on the edge of your chair. It’s music like this that really makes an impact on the music industry and especially in Australia.

Cool on Fire’ is a bit more of a pop song, still quite experimental with his sounds but structure wise and sound wise this song would make it on a station like 92.9. Though some of the lyrics in this are a bit childish, the way he uses the words in the melody really makes songs on the album stand out. Overall I say that this was a really good album. Daniel Johns has really impressed me and shown how his musical abilities are amazing.


Photo Credit: Daniel Johns

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