Composite – Peter Dailey

– by Tyler Boag

Located on 452 William Street Northbridge, Turner Galleries held an art exhibition certainly worth your attention, where accustomed artist, Peter Dailey, shows off his craftsmanship with his unique, grand scale pieces for all to gaze upon.

Dailey’s fascination with change is beautifully translated onto his works. They’re the investigation into the idea of change and our current mix of social structures and power relationships. He strongly believes that said change must first come from within us as individuals if we are to have lasting changes. An interesting view and an equally relevant idea in todays society. Let us see if the execution is as slick as his concepts.

Photo credit: Eva Fernandez
Photo credit: Eva Fernandez

Arriving at the exhibition, this reviewer’s eye was immediately caught by the massive gravity defying, church-like, structure taking up as much space as it wants. The shear magnetism almost became intimidating, making it’s grand impact upon entry. This colossal, 8 feet tall, tower was accompanied by yet another similar structure of the same epic proportions. Both, leaning, unsettlingly so, outward atop wheelbarrows – one filled with wheat, the other, eggshells. Undeniably a great and creative start to the exhibition.

Photos were scattered around the room, presenting dark and eerie settings of wheat fields and farm houses, crafted masterfully alongside it’s equally ominous, first person-like, photo angle. Despite efforts in trying to find criticism, only one was gathered; most photographs of Dailey’s work were displaying fantastic works of art that weren’t actually displayed at the exhibition. This in turn, resulted in a room kept a little too spacious, as if it bettered the experience by presenting more works than were physically there.

In conclusion, Dailey’s exhibition is an exciting experience whether you’re there for the message behind the artwork, or plainly the artwork itself. Delivering on multiple levels, Dailey delivers an awe inspiring, thought provoking, satisfyingly good collection of work, that anyone with eyes will find hard not to admire; it definitely deserves of a visit.

ADDRESS: 470 William St Northbridge, Western Australia 6003

WEBSITE: http://www.turnergalleries.com.au

PHONE: 08 9227 1077

HOURS: Open 11am – 5pm Tuesday – Saturday

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