Common At Metro City

-By Carla Avendano

Besides being an amazing actor Common is a killer hip hop artist and ladies man, his powerful lyrics remind you of the real issues of today from discrimination to knowing how to treat a woman, Common has definitely got it down packed.

The energy was alive at Metro City, even though it was a small crowd loyal hip hop fans were out tonight and awaiting to hear not one but two very famous hip hop names, bringing Taleb Kweli along with him to what was only meant to be an east coast show was genius. Talib Kweli jumped on stage chanting “Do that shit do that shit” which instantly got the crowd pumping. Listen!!! was the first followed by Love Language his energy on stage was awesome had everyone jamming along to his dope flow, doesn’t get much better than one of Brooklyns own. Spitting the realist lyrics having been in the game for so long, the feel was old school, so old school that he even gave the crowd a treat with a Prince, RIP tribute right back into something gangsta with Every Ghetto.

talib kweli

Giving us a bit of a run down of where he use to work, a book store before Common hit the scene and they reached their careers was very humble, giving insight that the struggle is hard but if you believe you can do it then nothing is stopping you. Having been in the game for about 20 years releasing Black Star along side Mos Deff, his vision is about self worth and self determination, this is hip hop.

Having DJ Dummy entertain and keep up the vibe while waiting for Common to hit the stage was dope, this Dj has some serious skills going plus his choice of music was perfect for the scene old school hip hop that makes you remember old rappers like Big Pun, Biggie and all the great legends that contribute to hip hop. He can certainly scratch the shit out of some records.

Lights dimmed and there appears his back up singer and with nothing but energy Common literally jumps up on stage, getting the crowd involved and pumped jumping around starting off with The People. Introducing himself had the crowd welcome him with applause and whistling, he followed on with The Corner, those who love hip hop understand that this lyrically gifted artist is about more than making music, he’s about uniting everyone as equals and giving you an experience and he has been doing it since 1992. The Food had everyone singing along to the chorus definitely a crowd favourite.

Bringing Talib Kweli back on stage to team up for Respiration had the crowd feeling real OG as these two killed it. You Don’t Know my Name cover had Common get a lucky fan from the crowd up on stage and spitting out a freestyle to her was I’m sure one of the most amazing nights she’s ever had, also proving that Common is just as suave as he a little bit gangsta. The whole night was awesome, Common is more than just an artist with a few messages he’s an entertainer, a realist, a true OG his music filled with more than just empty lyrics and even though it was a killer night, he leaves you thinking, that’s for sure.

Photo Credit: Metro City, Anthony Tran

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