Colosoul’s Shorts – Short Film Festival 2015

– by David Morgan-Brown

The Colosoul Shorts Festival is over and done for another year! Thank you to all the filmmakers that submitted their short films to us and those that had their wonderful work put on the big screen, including Christian Kennedy, Cameron Whiteford, David Vincent Smith, Chantelle Kerwin, Hannah Davies, Joel Maynard, Taran Dunn, Rohan Loveland, and Lewis Rodan. Congratulations to Cameron Whiteford and his film Pale Blue Eyes for winning the People’s Choice Award and congratulations to Taran Dunn and his film Todd for winning our Judge’s Choice Award.

We had a great selection of films submitted to us, but we could only whittle it down to the nine best ones, giving us 90 minutes of superb local film-making. Although we had a diverse range of genres and styles of films, they were all of terrific quality, whether it be of production value or its storytelling abilities or its compelling characters. For me, it’s really opened my eyes to how expansive, collaborative, and supportive the independent film industry is here in Perth and I’m really impressed by the talent we have here in this city.

Thank you to everyone that showed up and made a great audience, we’re pleased to see we made a profit on the night which will be donated to the HALO Leadership. This was only our second Colosoul short film festival and we’ll have a third one to come (and we already have a few new interesting ideas for that), we already can’t wait to see what other terrific local films we’ll get to put up on the big screen for that.


Picture credit: Banner image by Lillian Yeow

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